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Why Self Talking Is Important

Why Self Talking Is Important

Be mindful of your self-talk. It’s the conversation with the universe.” –David James Lees

“Positive self-talk is the key to any successful person. If you can change the voice in your mind, you can do anything!” – Anonyms

You had a crucial presentation session about your new project proposals. You finished it well but not perfectly as the standard you had set. Coming back home, you start to talk to yourself, ‘I know I can do way better than that. Next time, I will practice more and more to flourish my presentation skill. I have to be more resilient, confident and focused during my presentations. I will start rehearsing my forthcoming presentations earlier than I usually did. Hopefully, someday I will astound everyone with my presentations.’ With that encouraging and effective self-talking, you go to bed with a lot of positivity and good intentions about your future presentations. What if you didn’t talk to yourself at all about today’s performance or you talked to yourself in a negative way? Would that bring a better outcome for you?

By the way, what is self-talking? In brief, it’s an internal conversation within oneself about his subconscious mind. It unveils one’s questions, ideas, thoughts, perspectives and beliefs. We can also define it as talking to oneself, either loudly or silently and mentally. In this blog, we will elucidate about positive self-talking, why self-taking is good for us, self-talk to reduce stress & improve lifestyle, how negative self-talking can be destructive and more dangerous, how one can practice positive self-talk on a daily basis and lastly how professional support can help one to exercise positive self-talking.


Basically, self-talking can be not only positive but also negative in nature. Our personality, mentality and thinking patterns affect our self-talking. Self-talk of an optimistic person is full of positivity whereas self-talk of a pessimistic person is inversely negative. We will address negative self-talk with examples later. To lessen stress of our daily events, positive self-talk is much more pivotal. That’s why, who can master positive self-talk are thought to be more productive, confident and motivated. We must beware that positive self-talk is a powerful tool for developing our inner confidence and curbing negative emotions and distresses.

Similarly, to escalate our performance and boost our confidence, self-talk is a must for us. It reduces our enormous stress level which we’ll explain at a gradual next phase. Also, there are several health benefits for effective self-talk such as (1) less stress (2) reduced pain (3) greater life gratification (4) lessen risk for death (5) improved immune system (6) way better physical wellbeing. People with positive self-talk have mental skills that allow them to solve problems, think differently, and be more efficient that can reduce the harmful effects of distress and anxiety.

Besides, to tackle the mental stress of our daily life, self-talking is even more effective. Self-talk may be sabotaging our stress levels. It’s noted that self-talk makes sense of the world around us which greatly affects your stress levels management in multiple ways. Our lifestyle will be superior with the exercising of self-talk. Likewise, in the above mentioned situation you didn’t perform well enough at your presentation but by exercising self-talking you have settled it. Moreover, you’re now having greater ambition to do the best for upcoming presentations. Thus, your stress is relieved and your life-style is upgraded.

Conversely, negative self-talk is poisonous for us. It enables downward confidence which results in lower performance. Negative self-talk is destructive & menacing for anyone’s personal life. Especially, the act of depressing internal conversation within oneself, referred to as negative self-talk. Let’s go to the beginning, after the presentation you start negative self-talking, ‘I’m an idiot, I screwed up today’s presentation thoroughly, my whole career is gone!’ Therefore, all your motivation, energy are gone and you get no ambition to enhance your present performance.

In addition to, everyone needs to apply self-talk frequently on a daily basis. There are some tips and strategies to follow to implement positive self-talk in our life:

  •       surround with positive people
  •       spot negative self-talk traps
  •       always give positive affirmations to yourself
  •       try to find laughter

In conclusion, if you tend to have negative self-talk, you need to learn how to change it and obviously it takes time and practice. If you find you’re not successful on your own, talk with mental health experts, therapists and straight away visit them.


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