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Video Editing, A journey you can choose to change your life

Video Editing, A journey you can choose to change your life

At some point in life, you may have heard you are not strong enough, you are dumb,  and you will reach nowhere. You are really dumb if you believed all this and lost your complete confidence. You may be confused, why I am saying all this while I should talk about Video Editing. I have experienced such situations where you have to hear all this for not being skilled enough. You cannot attend a job interview and say, “I know nothing. But I want the job.” You certainly need something to prove your worth. Your skills make you unique, give you a style, and also the confidence you may have been lacking. No one is born talented, even though we may come across some miracles. But, as we always say, an exception cannot be an example. So basically, we all have to acquire our skills, learn by step, train ourselves, and never go out of practice.


There is no end to learning. In every stage of life, we have something to learn, something to acquire and develop ourselves gradually. In between a whole set of expertise, how Video Editing can be a life-changing skill? Throughout my university life, I have observed its importance. For every event, video editors are needed in campaigning and all other activities. If you are fresher and grab that opportunity, Boom! You are the popular face of the university. Not only in the educational life but as soon as you enter the present job market, you will realize the value. Starting from the marketing of a product, to raising awareness to promote anything, the necessity of Video Editing is immense. 


However, if someone takes this as a passion, he can go way beyond. Above all, when we are doing the work you love, there is no way you will ever repent. The integral part of video editing is the video making to be accurate. A Video Maker is an artist of exceptional standard who generates ideas, implements them, brings the best out of it, and presents a complete masterpiece in front of his audience.


Video Edit.1


We can feel proud as Bangladeshis because we have a lot of artists of this exceptional standard. One of such inspirational video makers is Mr. Jubaer Talukdar. He is an independent content creator and a freelance cinematographer whose homegrown techniques and passion for content making took him to the top Youtube popularity within a small duration of time. Recently, his Youtube channel has hit 100K subscribers. Dedicated to his viewers, he created a video of a soap commercial using both the video making creativity and video editing skills. If you are on social media and an art enthusiast, you have definitely come across this video. When you see this video, you will be bound to believe this man is a magician. With simple arrangements and being cautious about each minute detail, he formed his raw product. Finally, applying his video editing skills, he presented a stunning piece for the audience. 


Not only this one video on his channel is mind-blowing, but also his every uploaded video has magic. Besides, the presentation of the videos, the unique quality which puts him apart is his ability to explain things. With a very fluent and clear style of explaining, he delivers his message to us and makes things easier to understand. He is also the video editor of one of the leading wedding photography companies of Bangladesh ‘ChitroGolpo’. In his channel, his work with ChitroGolpo is also portrayed beautifully.


 Jubair followed his passion and is doing the work he loves. This makes his works beautiful and loved by all. His tutoring capabilities and hacks are so praised and accepted by every mind who wants to learn. Anyone can visit his channel and will find the inspiration to be a Video Maker, also will get encouraged to learn the skills of  Video Editing.


Our Interactive Cares has also arranged a masterclass on Video Editing with this uber-talented Video Maker. It will create opportunities for young minds who thrive to learn. Be for passion or for gaining the skill, this session will greatly help the learners. Grab opportunities while you can. If someone says to you, you cannot be a jack of all trades, do not let it get inside your head. Anyone can dream to be successful, just do not let that hope die. 

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