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Top Free Online Courses That Any Individual Can Benefit From This Quarantine

Top Free Online Courses That Any Individual Can Benefit From This Quarantine

By Rashik Riasat

Being social animals, we cannot function properly in isolation. We need constant human support and interaction. However, this pandemic has forced upon us that very isolation wherein we have no other option but to stay indoors all day all night. As a result, day by day people are losing their mind over boredom and getting into a constant state of weariness.


Nevertheless, on the bright side, more time at home also means more time to ourselves, added opportunity to engage in self development. In fact, apart from its obvious inconveniences, this lockdown has enabled this very opportunity with success.


Online course platform is one such enabler of these opportunities. In fact, some of these platforms even have upgraded their offerings to help people in this crisis. For example, Coursera has taken the initiative to partner up with affected universities to give access to the students from those universities paid certificates for free upon completion within a certain period of time.


Quite naturally, all these opportunities seem quite  worth taking and that is why, here are some courses that can help any student from any discipline in their career:


“Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects” at Coursera




Offered by McMaster University and University of California San Diego, this is undoubtedly one of the best courses that Coursera has to offer. With over 2 million enrolment, this course has received a rating of 4.8 from more than 56,000 raters.


If you’re someone who think lowly of your intellectual ability, if you feel you lack the mental capacity to learn new things or if you just feel like you are slow to catch up, this course is the one for you.


This course demystifies the process that goes behind any human being’s learning curve and acquaints the learners with mental tools that can make the process easy for anyone. The tools can be used by anyone in any discipline be it art, music, literature, math, science, or sports.


These approaches of learning can be applied in any walk of life or career. And since learning is an inevitable task we all have to encounter in every domain of life, it only makes sense to prepare yourself with the essential tools an techniques up your sleeves.


The course is broken down in 4 modules, 1 every week. Each module should take around 3-4 hours to complete. So in total, the whole course should take approximately 15 hours to complete. However, the schedule and deadlines are flexible, so the learners can take the course in their own pace.


All the course materials are free to access but the certificate would cost 49 USD to purchase unless you are under your university sponsorship programme.


“Introduction to Public Speaking” at EdX




This course is an introductory course on one of the most important skills to have which is – Public Speaking. Whether you like it or not, public speaking is going to define your career success no matter what field you work in.


In fact, research shows that fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10%, and inhibits promotion to management by 15%. Despite being so important a skill, around 75% people are reported to have a fear of public speaking. So there is strong chance that you fall into this category.


But fear not, for this course is just the right one for you. This course will demystify the process of designing a good speech and also provide plenty of opportunity to practice. Furthermore, the design of the course includes thorough study of others’ speeches so that you can examine them, find your model speaker, and furthermore understand and incorporate the elements that make their speeches great.


The course is self-paced but the course designing recommends 10 weeks long study, 3-5 hours every week. No certificates are issued.



This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of public speaking no other course out there so this might be another good option for you.


“Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills” at Coursera




This one is another useful course offered at Coursera by University of Michigan. Apart from the two mentioned above, another incredibly useful life skill is “Negotiation”. Whether we like it or not, we have to negotiate on a daily basis with our peers, family, employers, and others. In fact, negotiation is a crucial factor to business success.


This course gives the negotiation process a 4-stage structure: prepare, negotiate, close, and finally perform an evaluate. Apart from video lessons and a final exam, you also get to test your negotiation skill with a friend or fellow MOOC participant from another part of the world.


Like before, the course materials are free to access, but the certificate will cost 49USD unless under a varsity sponsorship program.


The post is written by Rashik Riasat. He is a third year BBA Student in IBA, University of Dhaka.

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