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Top 5 Ways to Improve Writing Skills

Top 5 Ways to Improve Writing Skills

By  Maisha Islam Monamee 


Ever wondered how writers end up putting so much perfection in one piece. If not, here’s a list of tricks that you can practise in this lockdown and emerge as a better writer. 






Clarity is the first door to the mind of your readers. Pieces lacking a sense of clarity are often regarded as incomplete or vague. Before starting a new piece, jot down the points you want to address, do a quick background research and then frame your piece in a properly sequenced manner. You must provide enough details about the things you are talking about so that all your readers are on the same page as you are. 






Simplicity is the second door to your readers’ minds. Once you’ve created an outline of your basic ideas, arrange them in short and simple words. Remember, your reader might not be willing to Google new words, so, emphasise on the use of familiar words. One or two instances of sophisticated vocabulary would add the required worth to your piece but too many flowery language often confuse readers. 






To be a good writer, you must be a good reader. To analyse your piece, judge it as a new reader. This way you’d be able to find out places that lacked connection and shortcut improvements. While reading the piece, critically question the ideas and while editing it, answer the questions that had emerged. Over-detailing isn’t necessary but enough details for a reader to connect to your piece is a must. 





Grammar rules and punctuation can be revised later during the edits. While writing a piece, try to focus more on the content rather than the errors you’re making. A quick read would help identify the small mistakes but once you’re done with the piece, it’s hard to step back as a writer and add new content. Keep the flow of words lively, it’s the emotions and expressions that make your piece stand out from others and you definitely owe time to work on those. 




Once you’ve started writing, maintain it as a hobby. Try penning down something everyday. A journal could be the best way to keep up the practice initially. Develop your own writing style through your pieces and try sticking to it. You’ll soon find your comfort place with words and after that a more little effort would help you ace the art of writing. Remember, practice is the ultimate staircase to success. 



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