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Top 7 Ways To Overcome Exam Stress

Top 7 Ways To Overcome Exam Stress

The way our body or mind responds to a work, animal, human or event, or the way it responds to a hostile environment is the stress response. Stress is basically a physical response to a stimulus that can be internal or external. When under stress, the body thinks it might be attacked and then it takes on a “fight and flight” form, with it creating a complex combination of hormones and chemicals that accelerate energy, preparing you to deal with the situation. Through heart palpitations, rapid breathing sensitivity and increased energy we are enabled to respond to situations quickly.

When we hear the word test, a kind of fear works in our mind. A kind of stress is felt during the test. Due to which, despite good preparation, the expected results are not obtained. So it is very important to overcome your fears and stress for a better outcome.

We can easily keep ourselves stress free during exams through some work. Let’s know about top 7 ways to overcome our exam stress.

1.Exercise regularly

Exercise reduces the release of stress hormones. Increases the levels of endorphins known as happy hormones. So no matter how busy you are, try to take some time out to exercise. If you don’t have time to go to the gym to exercise, walk for at least 30 minutes. That too will help reduce stress.

2.Sleep Well

read many nights. I did the math till 3 o’clock last night too. Those who say that they are proud are actually showing their stupidity. Because waking up at night is more of a loss than a gain. Experts say that in the midst of a busy class routine and the stress of studying, you need to sleep well. Because sleep is the food of the brain. You need to sleep properly in order to get a good result.

3.Hydrate Yourself

Dehydration leads to fatigue because it affects the flow of oxygen to the brain and makes your heart work harder to pump oxygen to all parts of the body, making you more tired and less alert. By staying hydrated, you’ll stay energized.Studies have shown that dehydration leads to elevated levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – making it more difficult to deal with everyday problems. By staying hydrated you will be better prepared to deal with everyday problems. 

4.Don’t Take Too Much Pressure

Upset, stay up all night before reviewing the exam at the last minute, come up late and chock full of sugar and energy drinks, and spend the entire three-hour math sheet needing to pee, wishing you’d take Mister Smith’s advice from long ago … sounds familiar ? If you’ve left it for the last minute, don’t start panicking now. Take a look at the key points, eat a good meal and get to bed early. We do better when we are comfortable.

5.Have A Healthy Breakfast

Late breakfast increases the amount of insulin in the blood. Such late eating causes hormonal differences.This can cause various diseases in the brain.. At the same time, in want of  blood sugar, the brain begins to suffer from malnutrition. As a result the performance of the brain decreases and so does the level of intelligence. So taking a healthy breakfast specially on exam day is very important. 

6.Take Your Own Time

Many people revise their studies before the exam again and again. But reading the same thing over and over  causes stress in the brain. As a result, everything in the test becomes confusing in our mind . So you should give yourself a little time before the test so that you can calm your soul and body. 


Many of us enter the exam hall at the right time. But we all should enter at least 30 minutes before the test. So that our body and mind can adapt with the environment of the examination hall. It will help us to relax our mind and reduce the stress.

 The above 7 ways will help you at least a bit to get rid of your exam stress. Don’t overthink about everything. Explore your creativity. Remember everyone learns differently. So just try your best.

Stay Happy,Stay Healthy.We know you can overcome each and every difficulties in your future. BEST OF LUCK!!!!


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