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Top 5 Free Meditation Apps for Stress Relief

Top 5 Free Meditation Apps for Stress Relief

Stress, anxiety all are part of our lives. It’s quite normal to be anxious about something from time to time. Everybody has their fair share of stress and anxiety. But how much worrying is too much? What if your anxiety is overwhelming and doesn’t need any causes? What if your anxiety is giving you panic attacks? Then, it’s a serious issue to think about and it’s needless to say, stress relief is must for a sound mental health.

This outbreak of Covid-19 has made us face so many uncertain and unwanted events. How are you dealing with all these anxieties, uncertainties that are resulted from this pandemic? Well, I can share my story with you. During this pandemic, I have had several nervous breakdowns. No, luckily I wasn’t physically affected by Corona, but the emotional toll I had to go through because of Corona was also unbearable. Now, the question is, how I was able to calm myself down. Meditation is the answer. The one word says a lot!

Here, I am going to recommend to you Top 5 meditating apps that will help you to deal with the stress, anxiety that coronavirus is causing. You can easily download any of them for stress relief and try to calm your mind, in the midst of worldwide pandemic. 


  1. Headspace : Available for iOS and Android.

This is the one of the most popular apps. Currently it has 10M+ downloads in Google play store. The app is best for those who are trying to improve their focus. It also builds personalized plans for your betterment. If you are meditating for the first time then, this app will be the most suitable one for you. The calming soundscapes of nature or the music or the storytelling sleep casts or the motivational mini podcasts will surely bring calmness, positivity in your life. Also the quirky illustrations will definitely cheer you up!

Cost : Free, in-app purchases for premium version.


     2. Calm : Available for iOS and Android

Another popular app, Calm has a 4.3 star rating and more than 10M downloads in Google play store. One of its users described the app as a “life changing app”! This award winning app has several breathing techniques, mindful walking meditation, different exercises to calm yourself down. Not only that, its relaxed approach will help you to remove all your stress and anxiety and ensure you a sound mind. It also has a kid’s section where kids between 3-17 can meditate.

Cost : Free with optional in-app purchases. 


     3. Insight timer : Available for iOS and Android 

This app, another best app for stress relief with a 4.8 star rating and 3M+ downloads in Google play store,  has more than 30000 pre-recorded meditating sessions on career, stress, relationships etc. It also has more than 2000 free talks and podcasts for life advice and motivation. The app also comes with extra features like, tracking your progress, duration of your meditation in-app purchase. 

Cost : Free, in-app purchase for premium version


     4. My life meditation : Available for iOS and Android

This app has a 4.7 star rating in Google play store. It will ask you how you are feeling each day when you open the app. Previously known as, “Stop, breathe and think”, this app has several yoga videos, guided meditations, acupuncture videos to reduce your stress and anxiety. It can also keep track of your progress. It offers you 30 free sessions of meditation based on how you feel. 

Cost : Free with optional in-app purchase


     5. Aura : Available for iOS and Android

If you are looking for a personalized meditation plan for your stress relief journey, perhaps, Aura is the most suitable one. You will receive a 3 minute meditation based on your feelings every day. It helps you to redesign your thought process and brings positivity in your life. 

Cost : Free with optional in-app purchase 

So, if you think, all these uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 are tough to handle, then I must say, download any one of these and try to meditate at least once in a day. Let’s hope, this phase shall pass and better days are coming! 

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