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Top 10 emerging startups around the world, 2019

Top 10 emerging startups around the world, 2019


BY Ashley Shoptorshi Samaddar



In a world where most individuals are job seekers, some creative minds perspire towards entrepreneurship. While many keep away from this risk as  30% of start-ups fail with in first two years of its establishment  (according to a report published by the Small Business Association) many have worked their way up towards success. Let us take a look at top 10 emerging startups on 2019 that not only ensured a smoother life for everyone with their innovative ideas but also managed to attract several investors to trust their projects.


1. Ayenda Rooms:


Ayenda Rooms is an autonomous hotel management company based in  Colombia. This company offers basic services, such as breakfast, wifi, water boxes, TV and clean sheeting, to numerous hotels based in its birth region. They also facilitate complete reservation and property management services to emerging companies that are less than 3 years old. According to reports published by Medellin, Ayenda Rooms has managed to extend its partner hotels by 30% in its first three months and currently, the company’s total profit is 9.9 million USD.


2. BabySparks:




BabySparks, the Miami based parent subscription service, offers further insight into the crucial first few years of their childhood for new borns. Their offered services range from day-to-day activities to major milestone activities when it comes to parenting kids until they reach the age of 5. This platform also allows parents and caregivers to promote the growth of their children based on the appropriateness and compatibility. As of now, this company has raised 5.1 million USD.


3. Bankity:




Bankity is a digital banking front end app created in 2016 which enables user to monitor their expenses and usage. This, in turn, helps enhance each individual develop financial understanding. To add to the surprise, Bankity does not limit its services for any certain bank. Instead, it operates with any bank that provides updates to its customers, making banking easier and less stressful with its constantly updating features. This app already is very successful in Latin America and is slowly making its way to the US. Once its beta process of testing is completed, this free app will surely rock the US market in the nearest future.


4. Bumblebee Space:




Bumblebee Space works as a personalised interior decorator, taking care of adequate spacing for all things in your room. Measuring your home space in cubic feet, this service multiplies available space to store and capture items of the room by utilizing compact robotic devices. This application is currently available to selected users in San Francisco and Seattle, and has already managed to bag a profit of 18 million USD.



5. Cabin:





Cabin is a moving lodge-type transportation system based in San Francisco. Being the first of its kind, this travel mode enables travellers to travel in spacious places where each individual has the comfort and space to sleep or rest while moving hundreds of miles. This organisation, with its 3.3 million USD profit margin, allows groups or individuals to travel upto 500 miles in and around San Francisco.



6. Pathrise:

Pathrise works as a career coach for fresh graduates and young career seekers by providing them with interview guidelines and tips on how to enhance their online profiling. They also provides an insight on wage negotiation and assuring proper job types, depending on the candidate’s skillset. Its one-on-one counselling sessions has managed to secure jobs to dozens of job hunters and also accrued 3.2 million USD profit for itself.




7. Compound:




Compound, a real estate company centered in New York, works to establish luxury property fund from the city, but solely concentrates on large urban centers such as San Francisco, New Orleans and Miami for trade. Through ReTF ( Real State Thematic Fund)–a commodity that the firm defines combining thematic ETF(Exchange Trade Fund) investing approaches with the real estate property ownership and the tax advantage REIT(Real State Investment Trusts), the fund provider works to treasure the allotted monetary resource for the future generation clients. Compound’s current revenue is around 13 million USD.



8. Cuidas:

Cuidas, a health service provider stationed in  Sao Paulo, Brazil, aims at making medicinal supplies and health care facilities accessible to the underprivileged. For using this facility, the subscriber is charged a small amount, a subsidized health insurance fee, in return of its services.




9. Flux Biosciences:

Flux Biosciences, a company that spawned at the Stanford University, performs sensitive quantitative point of care into a vitro medical diagnostics using hard drive technology to read and write. This technology measures the bio marks of exercise, stress, fertility, and diet through the use of blood, urine or saliva, and correlates them with the data on sleep and activity obtained from wearable technologies. Till date, Flux Bioscience has gained the profit of 37 million USD.



10. Hex Lab:

Hex Lab managed to develop a nano polymer material which enables quantum calculation to be carried out at room temperature. Quantum computation is considered to be more effective than modern computers because the data are not written in 1’s and 0’s. However, this coding only takes places perfectly in extremely cold temperature. Speaking of its Speaking of its net worth, Hex Lab has collaborated with multiple biology laboratory and global support teams which provides them with adequate funding to carry on their research.



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