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Terms, Conditions & Policy

Terms, Conditions & Policy:


Security and Personal Information:
Interactive Cares maintains the right to do whatever is needed to uncover, offer or move data identifying with any User of the Website to law implementation offices as well as significant government experts for the motivations behind any criminal examination, preliminary or security concern raised by any position or security organization of the Government of Bangladesh or in any equipped official courtroom or councillor for the reasons for any administrative consistency that may require Interactive Cares to broaden collaboration or potentially unveil such data to the concerned people.

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All Users of the Website desirous of qualifying as a Expert or Customer with Interactive Cares must complete the Member registration process .


Hiring policy :

Interactive Cares follows a rigorous hiring policy. Its completely our own system of hiring people for our company. Usually recruitment has few steps. Candidates have to go through task based round, FGD, Final Interview & gamification round. It may vary sometimes. Recruitment can be both paid 0r unpaid. Before recruitment every individual has to go through an internship stage of 3-4 months. As we follow a rigorous recruitment process, we may have to engage ourselves with external experts or companies. That’s why sometimes it can be paid. However, its completely your choice to go through the recruitment process or not. We have our own system of hiring process.