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Sound sleep: Is it really necessary?

Sound sleep: Is it really necessary?

Last Friday, I was talking with my friend about the weird routine we have accustomed to. We discussed how hard it gets to wake up at dawn, at 12 pm, and start our evenings at 12 am. In the middle, having lunch at 8 pm and snack break cravings at 10 pm. Time goes by, we start our work, studies, gaming all after starting our ‘Evenings’. Oh! Then sometimes we go to bed with the tension of rising at our ‘Dawn’. Talking of having a sound sleep, ok, we don’t do that here.


What a life! Though being said sarcastically but our life in pandemic and lockdown situations have already taken extreme turns. Some of us might think for a while, our productivity is having a boost. Late-night works, giving extra time to self-development, more time for leisure refreshments, and a lot of things we are doing. What else could go missing? To utter disappointment, we are incurring a great loss. We are missing out on a sound sleep which is needed for our overall refreshment and keep us healthy for a few more days than we can expect.


For people of different ages, a fixed amount of sleeping time is mandatory. Obstruction in this allotted time can do severe harm, not instantly but may be slower than a tortoise. We all know Aesop’s famous story where the tortoise wins against the rabbit even after being slower. So, even a little ignorance of the sleep schedule can cause issues mildly. Normally healthy adults need sleep time of about 7-8 hours and surprisingly the teenagers need more time to sleep up to 8-10 hours. The below we go the age range the sleep-hour needs keep increasing. Are we having sound sleep? 


Let alone the sound sleep, we are not even close to covering the allotted time for our sleep as fixed by the doctors and health researchers. As said earlier about the slow but severe effect of sleep, we may suffer from different health issues by neglecting a sound sleep. To be more specific we might fall victim to cardiovascular diseases, depression, pain, diabetes, and others. It will make our life harder. The complexities of the diseases may not kill us directly but will give constant pain in everyday life.


Those were the drawbacks of not having a sound sleep. A sound sleep not only keeps you away from a range of diseases but also does a lot of benefits. When you sleep well, our immune systems become stronger. We become more resistant to diseases. That’s why the doctor always suggests taking a rest when we are sick. Not just traditional advice but an important part of the overall treatment is sleep. Besides, our mood also stays refreshed and we stay happy. The following link will help to know more about the benefits of sound sleep.


10 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Important:


Now, we know the drawbacks and know the benefits. Maybe now we will be able to have a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the real problem is still to be solved. How can we ensure a night of sound sleep? The first and foremost step includes making our mind and staying stable with our decision “I will sleep for 8 hours today and go to bed before 12 am” The beginning always has to be from our side for whatever we are trying to accomplish. When we reach our decision, the next step is preparing the sleep environment. We must keep our electronic devices away from us while we sleep and stay in a comfortable getup. Moreover, our room needs to be clean and must have an optimal temperature according to the changing weather. Most importantly, a noise-free environment is a must though we often do not have it in our control.


We cannot neglect or give any excuses either for not ensuring a sound sleep. There may be a lot of obstacles but a habit should be initiated with taking self resolutions. Habits make a person who he is. Once we get adapted to the positive habit of sound sleep nothing can become a restriction for us. By ensuring a perfect sleep schedule, we can guarantee a healthy life to a greater extent.



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