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Social Media: A Blessing or A Curse

Social Media: A Blessing or A Curse

Just imagine the last time you spent an entire day without checking your Facebook newsfeed or Instagram feed. I guess you can’t remember? Me neither. Here is the world we live in. At this moment, we all live in an age when communicating has taken on a whole new meaning. The modern social media era has changed the way we talk, live our lives, and share our information. Some find this to be a blessing for us whereas others think a little differently as they think of it as a curse.

What Is Social Media

In a sentence, websites or platforms that enable us to create and to share content or to participate in social networking, known as Social Media. Also, it’s a form of electronic communication. In another way, social media means Interaction among people virtually. The examples are so hackneyed, these are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, Discord, and lots. 


Steep Demand for Social Media due to The Pandemic

At this present, we are living in the world of a pandemic where we cannot meet with our close people. Everything takes place virtually, every meeting is now a virtual meeting. Zoom is popular among the students. We converted all our daily activities virtually. This is possible because of the rapid development and invention of social media. The pandemic made social media a blessing for our life. We are still maintaining social distancing, yet we feel come closer to everyone because of social media.

The Benefits of Social Media

Basically, if everyone uses social media, it must be a good thing. Social media eventually build social networks. Thus, the social network enables us to get information across communities, and even countries, quicker than ever before. You can send a message one second and it is received swiftly to the other end. News outlets can post a breaking news story and have it go viral within minutes. People in the most rural of areas can be heard, even though if they’re thousands of miles away from any sort of civilization. The trends have begun and friendships have been formed to civil our life. All things are possible because of social media communication. We use this new world to catch up with old friends, gain new ones, and explore the world via the internet with the help of social media.

The Setbacks of Social Media

However, even with the ability to see what someone in France is doing while you’re in your living room in Bangladesh, there are still several loopholes to the world of social networking. While we most have a Facebook account, this doesn’t mean it’s an inherently beneficial thing. With specialized techniques rapidly adjusting, it raises the issue of the manner in which we interface with individuals.  We’ve lost a feeling of closeness in our age with this approach of communicating with others through social media. In the event that we need to tell somebody something, we text them, as opposed to going to them legitimately. In the event that there’s an issue with a companion, the greater part of us is going to message them, rather than carrying it up when we’re physical with them. It is hectic that we are wasting time on our phones looking at what other people are doing, instead of focusing on what we’re doing.



We have the blessing of sharing information with the world, more specifically with whom we want. On the other hand, there also exists the curse of spending our time following others, which makes us forget to enjoy the moment we’re in ourselves. There are certain positives and negatives, benefits, and drawbacks. In the end, it’s the balance of finding a way to keep up with others through social media but remember to live our own life with whom we live around. Don’t be the person who becomes unsocial by his activities around him to be social at social media and distant relations. Perhaps, we are blessed with having social media because we can communicate with our people and do our works in the time of the pandemic.

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