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Self-Confidence: How to develop it?

Self-Confidence: How to develop it?

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.”- Helen Keller

Do you know the meaning of Self-Confidence? The attitude about your skills and abilities is called Self-Confidence. To accept and believe in yourself, having a sense of control in life is the motto of Self-Confidence. Nobody knows your strengths and weaknesses more than you do. So, never allow them to judge you. Having a positive view of yourself is necessary to succeed in life. You should set realistic expectations and goals. Communicating assertively and handling criticism should be set by you. 

Well, stop right there! Do I sound like a boring motivational speaker to you? All these things you have heard before, right? But today, I’m going to give some solutions on how to develop Self-Confidence in yourself. So, hang on with me through the rest of the article. 

Here are the ways of building Self-Confidence: 


1) Love Yourself: 

Do you know the most important relationship you will ever have? It is the one you have with yourself. Whatever happens in life, you have to stick with yourself, whether you have anyone with you or not! There is nothing that can separate your mind from your body. Wherever you go, you have to take yourself. Breaking up with you is not possible. Sorry. 

So, don’t you think you should love yourself? You have to value yourself first, just the way you are. Nobody is perfect, keep that in mind. Focus on all the positive sides of yourself rather than the negative ones. Spend time with yourself. It is better to stay alone sometimes, to discover one-self properly. Do the things you want to do. The way you would treat a significant other, treat yourself like that as you are the most important to you. Accurately knowing about your strengths, dreams, and interests will make you more comfortable accepting your flaws. 


2) Taking Actions Immediately: 

One of the most important ways of developing Self-Confidence is to take action as soon as possible. You can simply work on the tasks and get them done. 

“Having decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense.”- Thomas A. Bennett. 

Sitting at home lazily and doing nothing about the work will make you feel worse. I know, it is easier said than done. So, I personally follow the ways to make it a bit easier are given below: 


  • Be Present: Don’t wait for the future to do anything. Just finish the work before doing anything less important. You don’t have to overthink the deadline or anything after the completion of the work. In this way, you can do other things according to yourself.  
  • Making sure you really want it: Really wanting the work to be done will make taking action easier. You don’t have to force yourself for that. Taking action becomes a usual thing. 
  • Soften up: If you take work too seriously, it will be harder for you to finish. On the other hand, relaxing a bit and softening up will make you understand those problems and negative feelings are just useless creations in your mind. 


3) Facing your Fear: 

“The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear.”- William Jennings Bryan. 

Telling you to do affirmations and other exercises in front of the mirror may have a positive effect on building up your Self-Confidence. But frankly speaking, following the above quote and facing your fears will be the best experience of developing it. Experiencing events where you will have the opportunity of facing your fear that really builds you up. 

When you are stuck in fear, you mess up things. You create division in your world and mind. Be Curious when this happens. It will help to open you up. Becoming open and positive will help you to do other things rather than focusing on your fears. 

We, as humans, look for patterns. Sometimes, we judge a situation based on our previous one or two bad experiences. Don’t let your thoughts drive you. The previous experiences might be inaccurate. Try harder and differently. Try to learn from the mistakes. 


So, we can see from the above, some of the ways to develop self-confidence and the benefits of it. From loving one-self to taking actions immediately, facing the fear, one can build up his self-confidence to ace the competitive world. Remember, Self-Confidence can be the key to success. 

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