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Prerecorded Online Learning: Facilities and Benefits

Prerecorded Online Learning: Facilities and Benefits

Online learning is a huge trend in education, not only because of the convenience it offers but also because of the many benefits that come with this type of training.

Online courses have become very popular over the last few years and for good reason! Not only are they convenient, but they also provide an interactive experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

In this Covid – 19 situation, you can get the full benefit of the course, without having to worry about how much time you’ll need from your schedule.

A pre-recorded online program is an on-demand video that can be accessed at any time and date.

This type of training does not require live instruction or participation, but instead relies solely upon videos which are typically uploaded once in advance for playback while following along with the corresponding supplemental resources available within each lesson.

Pre recorded programs allow students to complete their courses whenever they have free time because there’s no set start or end dates!

Prerecorded online learning provides these same benefits as traditional online courses do, but what sets them apart is their ability to give students on-demand access to high quality content when they need it most.

What is pre recorded online learning and how does it work

Pre recorded Online Course

Prerecorded online learning is an informal, open, and self paced way to learn from a provider. It can be in the form of video lectures or audio recordings with accompanying reading materials for example.

The learner listens to instruction while following along on their computer screen where they have been given access via a password protected login page.

They do not interact directly with other learners but rather follow at their own pace in order to complete whatever course content has been assigned by the instructor.

In this modern era of online learning, prerecorded courses are an effective way to learn at any time.

A good example of a prerecorded course is the full series for Harvard Business School’s “Leading Teams” program which has been available for purchase since 2008.

It was recorded by Anita Elberse and consists of 24 video lectures in total.

The videos cover topics such as: how to create a team that can succeed; how to build trust with your teams; how to make conflict work effectively within your team – among other things related to leading teams successfully.

Course material included will be readings from books like “How Google Works,” “Built To Last,” or even articles published on HBS Working Knowledge Blogs on subjects like emotional intelligence, diversity, or innovation.

The online course can be accessed by anyone with a computer and an internet connection; making it accessible to just about everyone – regardless of their location, education level, or economic background!

Prerecorded courses are designed for working professionals who want to advance in their careers but do not have the time necessary for on-campus tuition.

Facilities available for pre recorded online learning for Students

Pre recorded Online Course

Let’s highlight a few facilities and benefits of taking courses with prerecorded online learning:

  1. Online course at your convenience, whenever you want – or even offline if needed.
  2. Pre recorded content means less time spent on watching lectures and more time to take notes.
  3. Stay motivated by not having to wait for the next class session (or lecture) to start again! You can pause when you need to complete another task and then resume later without missing anything important.
  4. Online courses are a great way to make use of any time you have available, whether it’s during your lunch break or in the evenings.
  5. You can watch the videos again and again if  you are not understanding the topic.
  6. Students can  ask questions in the discussion forums without being interrupted by other students.
  7. You don’t have to attend any live sessions, that means you can learn whenever you want.
  8. The cost is lower than face-to-face courses.
  9. You can use interactive features and quizzes to keep you engaged in the content.
  10. You won’t face any technical difficulties or interruptions.
  11. You will not have to commute or maintain a fixed schedule for your online courses.

These are just a few reasons why someone might choose courses that have already been filmed ahead of time as opposed to live sessions that may be available elsewhere online or in traditional educational settings such as colleges/universities.

Pre-recorded Vs Live sessions

Many people who have tried both pre-recorded and live online learning sessions often find that the former offers them a more convenient way to learn.

This is because they can watch tutorials on their own schedule, which makes it easier for them to stay focused and follow along when watching videos at work or in other situations where multitasking is difficult.

1. Pre-recorded


The pre-recorded sessions are the perfect choice for those on a budget. You get to access dozens of hours with one simple credit card payment, and save yourself time too!


There’s no need to go through the hassle of slow connections and buffering. If you’re tired of waiting, watch an on-demand video instead


That’s right! Learning is more than just listening to pre-recorded sessions. You can also slow down, fast forward and watch the session at your own pace

Retention Rates Are Higher

Studies show that retention rates are higher in online learning than they would be for traditional university courses. This is likely due to the decrease of stressors and pressures otherwise present within a typical school system. Students can learn at their own pace while practicing, which allows them access to course material forever if desired!

2. Live sessions


Live sessions can be a lot of fun and are more engaging than online courses because you get to interact with the trainer.


A good way to get questions answered is by accessing live sessions. This can’t be done with pre-recorded ones because they are already over and we won’t have access in real time, but you’ll still receive the same content as a regular session for some.

Customized learning

Your instructor can make sure to explain things according to your needs. Everyone doesn’t understand a lesson in the same way, so why not let someone with training help you figure it out? Trained experts will go through and dissect one thing in different ways for various learning styles.

Above are some points mentioning the advantages of both options.

Ultimately, what you choose will depend on your personal preferences. Many learners lean towards the online live sessions because of the reasons mentioned before.

Now, we have a table to set things clearer from a learner’s perspective.

It’s no wonder the online live sessions have become so popular among learners.


Prerecorded online learning is the next big thing in education.

We’ve covered a lot of what it can do for students and teachers, but we haven’t yet talked about what it could mean for families with children who are homeschooled or have special needs.

For example, these kids might not be able to attend school due to their disabilities which means they won’t benefit from all that an instructor has to offer during class time. With pre-recorded video lessons on demand at any time, there’s no need for them to miss out!

Whether you’re looking for more convenience as a parent or just want your child’s educational experience without limits, pre-recorded videos may be worth considering if you live too far away from a school, aren’t able to attend due to your own health or lifestyle, or if you are homeschooling.

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