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Mental Health During This Pandemic Time

Mental Health During This Pandemic Time



The biggest health crisis and the enforced isolation of lockdown as well as the economic fall down because of it is impacting not only affecting physical health of people but also mental health. This has become a barrier for the people who are already suffering for mental illness and substance use disorders. Though different person takes this situation differently. But it is very important for all of us to look after our mental health. Because it is necessary to cope up with the ongoing changes of life and manage our stress.


How this pandemic is affecting mental health





A recent data shows 47% people are suffering from negative mental health due to social isolation and loneliness. Additionally, psychological impact of during this pandemic can lead to suicidal ideation. 28% people are facing disruption in their lives due to corona virus. Among them 15% are experiencing just some disruption and 10% of those with little or no disruption. People are worried about their friends and families. Older people as well as adolescents are affected badly. Though there is fear of uncertainty is everywhere, older people are at the risk of being affected by this virus. Due to their increased vulnerability to virus, it is more important for them to follow isolation, quarantine and take safety measures. These safety measures are limiting their interaction with caregivers and making them feel lonely and anxious. This is affecting their mental health badly. Most importantly, adult mental health is sometimes ignored when it comes to older generation. But they also suffer from depression and we need to keep that in mind.




Due to school closures, many adolescents are not having the same access to mental health services. This is why, they are more likely yield to depression, isolation and also suicidal ideation. Such kind of mental health issues may increase among them due to fewer opportunities to engage with peers.


Fear of losing jobs:



There is no doubt that a certain economic crisis is waiting for us. A recent data says that almost 22 million people will lose their job and will be unemployed at the end of April. The world is near a recession. A research says that this fear of  losing job is increasing depression, anxiety, distress and low self-esteem. Also rate of suicide may increase. 26% people have already lost their jobs and this is affecting their mental health badly. 40% people are living in the fear of losing job. People with low incomes are also more likely to face major mental issues.


Fear among health care workers:




During this pandemic, people who are working day and night to take care of the people, are the health care workers. When the dear ones are not coming forward to the corona affected person, these health care workers are stretching their hands to make the covidiens recovered. But amidst all of these, we tend to forget that they also have families. At the end of the day, they are not able to see their children or touch them as they are vulnerable to the disease. They are keeping themselves isolated from their families totally for their dear ones safety. They are constantly making sacrifices. They are also prone to experiencing burnout and also suffering from mental health diseases including depression.


How we can keep our mental health fit amidst this pandemic :



The pandemic is likely to have both long and short-term impacts for mental health. So we need to take care of our mental health as well. There are some tips that everyone should follow:

  • It is important to know the update of corona virus. But anyone shouldn’t continuously watching news of this pandemic. Undoubtedly, such kind of activity is impacting badly on mental health. We don’t know when this pandemic is going to be over. So such 24/7 corona virus related news is not going to help you anyway. That’s why, consume the news moderation.


  • Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. You can easily reach out to your friends and family and talk to them via text or video call. Imagine the people of 100 years back during Spanish Flu. If they survived the lockdown, why you can’t now in spite of having a life where everyone can be connected through internet.


  • Spending time with family members is a blessing. Most of the people are feeling bored as they don’t spend time with their family. That’s why, they feel isolated. So, stay away from social media as much as you can. Spend a fixed time in social media instead of all day long. Hopefully, this quarantine can be much easier for you.



  • Some of us are having really lazy days and some are utilizing it properly by doing productive works. The people who are lazy should start doing productive works or the works they really like to do without just scrolling newsfeed. We all are born with talent. It is time we should make proper use of it. This quarantine can bring the best out of you. Another thing that we all should remember is that, after pandemic is over we all are going back to our normal life. Then we’ll have work pressure as well. So don’t be that much lazy. Also don’t take too much work pressure as it can also affect your mental health. Make a routine and try to maintain that every day.


  • Try to add regular exercise or yoga in your routine. That’s going to help you keep fresh all day long. Read books and also try to write up your thoughts. These can help to lighten your mind.


  • Spend time in green spaces if possible. It gives extra energy to your body and mind. Eat health food and maintain proper balanced diet. Also, sleep properly, not less or not more. Because inappropriate routine can affect your normal life further.


Being anxious or stressed is completely fine during this pandemic. But this shouldn’t be too much for us to take. So this pandemic should be handled in a healthy way. Otherwise that can affect our mental health more that our physical health.


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