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Memorandum of Understanding between Interactive Cares and Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE)

Memorandum of Understanding between Interactive Cares and Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE)

On Wednesday,26 May 2021, Bangladesh’s first ever cloud and Artificial Intelligence based E-learning platform, Interactive Cares signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bangladesh’s first youth-oriented social- entrepreneurship based organization Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs, known more commonly as YSSE.

The alliance took place at the headquarters of Interactive Cares in the presence of Founder and CEO of Interactive Cares, Rare al Samir and Co-founder and Chairperson of Interactive Cares, Jamila Bupasha Khushbu as well as the Founding President of YSSE, Sheikh Yousuf Hossain.

Interactive Cares has been a rising star in the industry of EdTech since its establishment in 2017. The main objective of Interactive Cares is to make learning effortless, engaging and enjoyable by providing contemporary courses.

So far they have covered unconventional topics like  personal development and branding, YouTube marketing, ISSB courses and many many more. All of these courses are conducted by skilled professionals and are available at a reasonable price— so that it favors the eager-to-learn youths!

Memorandum of Understanding

Interactive Cares has conducted webinars targeted at youngsters to prepare them for the post-pandemic future. 

However, what really makes Interactive Cares stand out are their additional services. Interactive carers provide physical and mental health advice as well as legal advice through real-time communication, a combination that is unheard of and highly appreciated.

Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) are a wonder themselves. They are a youth lead organisation that focuses on promoting social entrepreneurship and Encourages the youth to create positive social and environmental changes by channelling their innovative ideas into actions.

Formed in 2015 by a group of bright-minded young entrepreneurs, YSSE envisions a generation that will take on the world by battling social injustices with their creativity and compassion.

YSSE have started to turn their visions into reality To over 100 programs and training sessions. They have shaped a handful of of successful entrepreneurs and spread their programs over 23 countries. Young volunteers are working towards building “one stop service” for social entrepreneurs, mainly focusing on women entrepreneurship. YSSE are working towards expanding their programs in the future by incorporating more innovative ideas and facilities into their programs.

Since, both Interactive Cares and YSSE  are organizations created by the youth, for the youth— suffice it to say that their alliance will prove to be rather powerful and influential. This Memorandum of Understanding might just bring about a revolutionary change in the next generation by creating a bridge between learning and investing. 

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