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Interactive Cares Swims to Victory at BYLC Cohort 3

Interactive Cares Swims to Victory at BYLC Cohort 3

Interactive Cares, the country’s first interactive cloud for teaching and AI-based network that offers academic, job and capability growth opportunities as well a cultural flourishment in real time communication are among top 3 winners of an education based boot camp.

BYLC Ventures launches Cohort 3 of its six-day virtual boot camp, which aims to develop a viable founder team and create templates for investor attraction. BYLC’s program focuses on accountability from founders in their moral code as well as developing cohesion among the members of the project; founding teams are encouraged to be flexible, devoted and persistent throughout group projects such that they can scale up successfully when needed.

The Interactive Care team was up against 12 teams to win the award at BYLC Cohort III bootcamp with an idea centered around interactive learning. The Interactive Cares platform connects students across diverse curriculums including history, science, mathematics or language arts from different countries through high quality video conferencing tools such as AR/VR simulations which can be used both on desktops and mobile devices; connecting children who may not have had access before to education in these fields due to Interactive Cares, a cloud-based education platform that is the country’s first interactive and AI-powered network for teaching academic, job and capability growth opportunities as well as cultural flourishing in real time communication are among top three winners of BYLC Cohort III. Interactive Cares have been successful in solving India’s largest problem with its superior features like Interactive Chat Technology which helps students connect to teachers online whenever they want.

Interactive Care has created an environment where every individual can learn from their own pace at any place or anytime. They believe “every child deserves access to quality education so that he/she becomes knowledgeable about what needs to be done during his/her lifetime; this way there will not be poverty, hunger and inequality in the world. Interactive Cares are a new-age education company, which is committed to empowering underprivileged children with quality education and facilitating their integration in society by giving them an equal opportunity of employment as well as personal growth.

With this active intervention Interactive Cares hope these kids can become more productive citizens who will have improved careers, better life chances for themselves and family members;  ultimately transforming lives of people living in poverty around the globe.

About The Competition

“Cohort 3” was launched through BYLC Ventures with over 200 founders of 105 chosen start-ups on 4th May 2021. The top 30 start-ups including Interactive Cares, were picked from 105 start-ups to proceed in the ultimate round. The panel chose five start-ups from the final event of 30 start-ups, who get seeding cash and upgrading funds. Finally, chosen top five companies, including Interactive Cares, will receive access to global acceleration, on-site mentorship and assistance to marketing, legal and online help to CFOs, as well as cooperation workspace at Mohakhali’s BYLC office. These selected start-ups will also be rigorously trained as leaders. Interactive Cares was one of the winning start-ups in this competition.

A Little about Interactive Cares

Interactive Cares

Creative thinking is the key to innovation. Interactive Cares offers courses that teach aspiring professionals and current employees how to improve their creativity so they can be more competitive in today’s employment market – especially with recent innovations like AI, which have taken over many traditionally human jobs.

We understand that with how fast technology has been evolving in recent years, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date on Interactive Cares. It also offers workshops on how to be more creative at work.

Since its founding in 2017, Interactive Cares has been a growing star in this sector. The major goal of Interactive Cares is to provide modern education that finally makes it simple, attractive, and pleasant. Interactive Cares has held information sessions targeting youth to prepare themselves for the world after the epidemic.

A collaboration that makes Interactive Cares particularly distinguished in every field is offering physical and mental health counseling and legal counsel via real-time system contact. Interactive Cares has become a few solutions that provide a single learning approach and a pre-recorded course. Interactive Cares is willing to begin with the aim of expanding the product nationally and worldwide.


In the End, Congratulations to Interactive Cares for their win at the BYLC Cohort 3 event. We’re so proud of our team and all they do, not just in business but also on personal levels too. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, make sure to check our courses.



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