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Interactive Cares Secures Position in Entrepreneurship World Cup as 2nd Runner-up of National Competition

Interactive Cares Secures Position in Entrepreneurship World Cup as 2nd Runner-up of National Competition

Interactive Cares, also widely recognized as the country’s first cloud & AI-based participatory platform for academic, career & potential growth, cultural flourishing, and real-time connectivity, ensured their position in the top three throughout the national finale of the Entrepreneurship World Cup, which has been decided to hold on September 17th hosted by Daffodil University & Impactors Connect. With their ideas, innovative thinking, and commercial acumen, Interactive Cares has flourished as domestic finalists and ultimately ends the tournament as 2nd runners-up after competing against over 650 competitors from throughout the country.

Although it began as a concept, the Entrepreneurship World Cup has grown to assist 175,000 entrepreneurs from 200 nations worldwide. Three co-host organizations, Misk Global Forum, Global Entrepreneurship Network, and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation, all make this event possible. For the third time, Bangladesh will host the Entrepreneurship World Cup as being a part of the Entrepreneurship World Cup-Global event series this year. In the beginning, the Entrepreneurship World Cup was only a concept, similar to a prospective or potential company plan, that the organizer really believed in and then expanded it to become what we see today worldwide.

The competitive advantage of EWC has always been about the whole experience, which includes learning skills, strategic planning, networking, and international mentoring, among other things. The participants also received a significant number of valuable prizes, including a total of $1 million cash in additional prizes for the global champions and a consolidated $85 million through in financial backing for the top 100 international contestants, as well as market opportunities and incredible assets and privileges from the event’s leading partners. EWC national competitions in Bangladesh, in addition to these worldwide awards, award their own awards.

Interactive Cares participates in the event as a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform developed by a group of young people. Interactive cares is introduced as a real-time networking channel for e-learning, wellness, mental health, and legal services. The classes concentrate solely upon on acquisition of creativity. They are incredibly relevant to present and future employment markets for young and current employees.

Interactive Cares has initially provided various subjects on GRE, curriculum vitae, presentations, python for newbies, crash course demonstration, and the remarkable fact that all students are learning from renowned professionals as Interactive Cares addressed. Interactive Cares has held information sessions targeting youth to ready themselves for the world after the epidemic. A collaboration that makes Interactive Cares particularly distinguish in every field is offering physical and mental health counseling and legal counsel via real-time system contact.

Interactive Cares has become one of the few platforms that provides both one-on-one learning solutions and recorded courses in the same environment. In order to expand its services both locally and internationally, Interactive Cares is prepared to take the next step. In this section, there will be an open question and answer platform where individuals may express their questions and get responses from the experts. They will be provided with academic materials such as books, answers, notes, and artistic drawings, which they will download for free.

Since its founding in 2017, Interactive Cares has been a growing star in this sector. The major goal of Interactive Cares is to provide modern education that finally makes it simple, attractive, and pleasant. Interactive Cares has become a few solutions that provide a single learning approach and a pre-recorded course. Interactive Cares is willing to begin with the aim of expanding the product nationally and worldwide.

About the EWC national competition, more than 675 companies applied to participate in the national tournament of the Entrepreneurship World Cup for Bangladesh this year. Among them, Interactive Cares earned their place in the finals, and, as the competition’s second runner-up, Interactive Cares proceeds to the next stage of the global competition, where they will compete against national champions from 200 nations. Interactive Cares will engage in an accelerator program that will include virtual training and one-on-one supervision tailored to their company’s present stage and development trajectory to prepare for the EWC World Finals in June.

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