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Ins and outs of Quarantine

Ins and outs of Quarantine

Ever since this corona virus or Covid-19 has broke out, we have been listening to one single word again and again. And you know what’s that? It’s quarantine.
Yes, quarantine is said to be the only way to prevent this virus named Covid-19 or corona. Now many of us know what this word means, or some of us only have a vague idea about it only. But without knowing it thoroughly, we can’t maintain it, nor can we prevent it. So let’s learn the ins and outs of quarantine today.
Quarantine is a synonym to the word medical isolation, which means people who are identified with cummunicable diseases like this covid-19 of now or yellow fever, black death type of diseases of past; should be kept separately from human civilization or contact with people who are not sick and their movement is also kept restricted. The purpose of this isolation is to prevent congestion of the disease. The patient should be kept alone in a room with all kind of facility he deserves as a human. So that the germs cannot infect other people of his community. Covid-19 is one of the largely contaminated diseases as of now. So quarantine is really necessary to lower the rate of newly infected persons.

Types of quarantines:
• People who are kept at their home, isolated in a room are the ones we called home quarantined. Returnees from Italy are said to be staying at home quarantine. People who are not infected by this virus around the world are also keeping their selves home quarantined. This idea of home quarantine of people who are sick is to prevent them from the congestion of this virus.
• People who are sick or has the chance to be sick are kept at institutional quarantine.There they are kept under observation of doctors, health workers such as nurses. China could battle this virus by keeping infected people in such quarantines.
Why should we maintain quarantine? :
• If we look at South Korea, we can realize the importance of quarantine very well. They could control the number to 30 of confirm covid cases by simply keeping them in quarantine. But disaster happened when the PATIENT 31 visited there. She wasn’t diagnosed on time and meanwhile she visited a dinner party, prayer party at church, went for site seeing and what not. That single failure to quarantine made Korea pay by more than thousands of confirm covid-19 case.
• Italy has one of the finest medical service in the world. But they didn’t take this Corona case seriously. The virus entered Italy back than in december.But the Italians relied so much on their medical science and thought they will overcome the situation pretty easily. They didn’t stop doing their daily work, didn’t limit social gathering. As a result we see the great toll of death everyday. Only yesterday 793 people died in Italy. If they could limit their social gatherings and quarantine the affected people, they could avoid the toll of death
• Again if we look at China, we can see how successfully they combatted this disease. Not only they could treat people well, they also brought the number of infected to zero by now. They could do so by keeping and maintaining quarantine when needed.

Dos and don’ts to maintain Quarantine:
• The suspect or victim should be strictly be confined at a room with attach washroom. He should not leave that room at any cost.
• Limiting the family member who will take care of the patient to one. Only one person can come to the patient and take care of him. But he has to wear mask and PPE(Personal Protective equipment).
• Burning and destroying the infected person’s clothes and other used stuff can stop preventing the germ.
• Using onetime usable utensils for providing them food and destroying them should be made sure
• He should follow the medication prescribed by the doctors strictly.
These are the institutional quarantine dos.
• One should not leave home without necessity.
• Sanitize all the things, supplies before touching which came from outside
• Avoiding social gathering such as prayer halls, dinner parties and so on.
• Avoiding share things of daily use with anyone.
• Ideally, only one person per house should go out for earning or bringing daily supplies.
• He should disinfect his clothes, hands and other parts of body right after returning home.
• Old family member, children and pregnant lady of the family should kept with extra care and caution.
These are the steps for those who’ll be in self quarantine or home quarantine.
It’s high time we took necessary steps for keeping ourselves and the society safe from this virus. Be careful,and spread awareness among people. Remember, united we fall, divided we stand this time.

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