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How to Practice Mindfulness in Daily Life

How to Practice Mindfulness in Daily Life

‘Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love, it gives you clarity & compassion for life and your actions happen in accordance with that.’ – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Maher is all-day busy with the tasks and meeting deadlines. He performs as if he were a machine. He has no space for himself personally. For this reason, he feels burdened and wants to get rid of it. On the following day, he visits a psychiatrist to find a way out. The psychiatrist suggests him to practice mindfulness in daily life. Does Maher become bewildered about how to practice mindfulness in daily life?

Basically, in this blog, we’ll know the definition of mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness, and most importantly how to practice mindfulness in our daily life.



In brief, mindfulness is the art of creating space for oneself. It may be space to breathe, space to think, space between oneself, and one’s reactions. It makes us relaxed and makes our mind calm. In another word, it is one kind of meditation in which one focuses on being intensely aware of what one is sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation. 



Benefits of Mindfulness

Afterward, there are a lot of benefits of practicing mindfulness in daily life. If we’re mindful, we can lessen stress, gain insight, enhance performance, and acute awareness through observing our own mind and intensify our attention to others’ well-being. The benefits of mindfulness are given below:

  •       Mindfulness tweaks concentration, memory, and performances
  •       Promote cognitive flexibility
  •       Generate a happier relationship
  •       Provide relief from pain
  •       Escalate resilience and equanimity
  •       Shrink the feeling of loneliness
  •       Increase body satisfaction
  •       Help students to attain academic successes
  •       Sleep becomes very well




How to practice mindfulness in daily life

Subsequently, the most attractive part is how to practice mindfulness in daily life. The practice processes are mentioned:

  1.   Don’t plan the future, don’t think about the past, and don’t look at the time: We cannot change the past, why waste time by thinking about it? The future is far away, why do we get panicked by thinking? Never fret about how much time you enable to pass before getting up.
  2.   Get back to the present: Focus heavily on only present moments.
  3.   Allow yourself to do nothing and just be as it is: Allow yourself to have a relaxing period and think of it as a vital part of living a good life in the long run ahead.
  4.   Create space for mindfulness practice: Make a space in your house that is peaceful & calm and allows relaxation while practicing mindfulness.
  5. Pay attention to your belief, words, actions, motivations, and thoughts
  6. Notice your judgment and let them pass: It is important to acknowledge and allow to pass as nothing more than fleeting thoughts of your judgments.
  7.   Take a mindful walk and mindful shower: For talking a mindful walk, give your full attention to the experience of walking. Feel the taste of water on your skin, it reduces the temperature and makes you calm.
  8.   Accept yourself: Treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend.
  9.   Focus on your breathing
  10. Do whatever you love to do at free time


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