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HOW to make Quarantine Productivity

HOW to make Quarantine Productivity



For the first time in a while, people are getting plenty of time due to this quarantine whether it is a self imposed isolation or government mandate to stay at home. Hence everyone is so bored and finding their way out to do something that not only can eradicate their bore dome but also make it productive. Some of you may be working from home, or some are simply idling the time. But whatever the situation is, you must do something productive in your quarantine days.


Here is 12 tips to make quarantine days productive if you are working from home or enjoying it as a vacation.


Maintaining hygiene:

Maintaining hygiene is the most important thing right now. So you should maintain the rules of hygiene properly. Wash your hands frequently, eat nutritious foods, keep your house clean and tidy. If anyone falls sick, consult a doctor immediately. In case you can’t go to one, visit and take help from a doctor instantly. There are hundreds of expert doctors who are ready to give you treatment whenever you need. You won’t need to go out or kill your precious time going to a hospital. Thus be healthy and productive.



Stick to your routine:

Some of us have the bad habit of breaking daily routine and do whatever they want to, when we don’t have a workload or have they liberty to do things according to our own convenience. This is a great mistake if you really want to be productive. You must get up when you are supposed to get up, you should sit to study when you were supposed to, take your meal when you are to take it. Please don’t break your body clock and your sleeping cycle. Because this can hinder your body function the way it does and you may have health issues like nausea or indigestion. And remember health is the key to anything. If you can’t keep well, you can’t achieve anything.



Take classes online:

If you are a student and have important courses incomplete. Specially if you are a board exam examinee, you can take online classes very easily. There are numerous teachers who are really good at their subjects and make you prepare your courses really well. If your children or younger brother or sister needs a teacher online, you can buy courses online. Visit and take online classes.





Give your brain a break:

Just because you’re working from home don’t just keep doing all the works at once. Give your brain a break and do things dividing into small chunks. You can divide your works for the whole day, which can be done considering your office time or the time when you feel you’re productive enough on that part of the day. For example: someone might find it easy to work on morning time. should try to do things on morning mostly.



Make yourself accountable:

if you are a procrastinator, stop right there!! Don’t procrastinating your works just because you’re not being given a dead line, or given a late deadline. Develop a sense of responsibility towards your work and your organization. Do your works on mean time and start doing the next one. If you can stop this bad habit and do you work spontaneously, your day as well as your works will be smoothly done without the feeling any kind of pressure.


Work from the very same place every day:


Not all of us has an extra room to use as workstation or office. Hence it’s really important to make a specific corner of your room as your workstation and work from there every day. It will make you feel more responsible and work better. It also helps other family members to understand you are working. As a result, they would not disturb you while working.


Spend time with your family:

This quarantine gives you enough time to spend with your family and take care of them. Fix a time when you will spend a quality time with your family. Talk to everyone. Know the needs of your family. Take care of the member who is not keeping well.



Take online courses:

This is the perfect time to increase your skills which you need for doing better in your career. This may includes an excel course, an SEO course, graphic designing or any other courses you want to have.





Being stuck at home, many of you might feel clumsy and lazy to do your daily life works. That’s why taking some exercise every day is really important for all. So that the tiredness and bore dome lessens and people can be productive. You can take help from YouTube for different exercises, yoga tutorials or do some free hand exercise.



Read something every day:

Read something every day and learn something every day. If you want to make your quarantine time productive, there is no alternative to reading. Reading makes a man wise. You can read any kind of book you want e.g science fiction, fiction, magazines, history, geography etc.





Give some time to your hobbies:

Due to our daily workload, we fail to spend some time for something we LOVE to do or something that makes us HAPPY. If it’s the same case with you, this is the perfect time for you to use it for your hobbies and pastimes. Do whatever makes you feel good. It may be painting, singing, cooking, baking, gardening or anything. This might improve your productivity.




In this crisis moment, only staying at home can save us. Follow the hacks to be productive and #stayhome #staysafe.

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