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How to Improve English Speaking Skills

How to Improve English Speaking Skills

‘The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the language itself.’ –Derek Walcott

You had a crucial presentation session about your new project proposals. You finished it well but not perfectly as the standard you had set. Coming back home, you start to talk to yourself, ‘I know I can do way better than that but my English speaking skill is not appreciable. Next time, I will practice more and more to flourish my English skills as well as presentation skills.’ At the same time, you become bewildered and start thinking ‘How can I improve my English speaking skills?’


Generally, in this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of having outstanding English speaking skills, how to improve English speaking skills and most importantly how to learn spoken English at home without a partner.


Particularly, there are a lot of notable benefits of learning a new language. By learning English, one can easily communicate every part of the world. The prominent benefits of learning English are given below:

  • As English is the most elegant and significant language in the world, you get superior position at any place in the world
  • Help students to study in the best universities in the world
  • To immigrant to English speaking country, English is pivotal
  • Assist to become better write
  • Earn good images from others
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Best language for travel in the world


Now, we will explain how to improve English speaking skills. These are:

1.   Expand vocabulary: Depth of vocabulary enriches your English speaking. Buy a renowned vocabulary book like ‘Word Smart’ and practice 10-15 new words daily

2.   Improve pronunciation: A lot of English pronunciation tutorials on YouTube or podcasts like English Pronunciation Pod to teach you the many aspects of English pronunciation. You can either follow British or American accent to practice your pronunciation.

3.   Start story telling in English: Pick different words to build a story and speak those louder frequently.

4.   Self-talk in English: Talk yourself in English all the time.

5.   Always think in English: Build your inner thinking pattern in English

6.   Rehearsal in front of a mirror: With proper time allocation, rehearsal English speaking. Practice it on a daily basis.

7.   Participate in public speaking functions: To overcome your fear, speak English in front of a colossal audience.

8.   Select a partner: Select a partner with whom you can practice speaking English frequently.


Furthermore, you can learn spoken English at home without a partner. The steps are given below:

  • Watch English movie & read different English book
  • Use different Apps to practice English spoken with them
  • Self-talk in English
  • Speak English loudly at a confined room
  • Do record your speaking English


To conclude, to keep pace with the modern, dynamic and competitive world, there is no alternative to learning spoken English. The significance of spoken English in our daily life is immense. Thus, make haste and don’t waste your time being inert, start learning spoken English from today.


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