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How to Live Sustainably While Working from home?

How to Live Sustainably While Working from home?

As our planet has experienced dramatic change over the last few decades, we are currently witnessing new changes. Thus, we have a better understanding of how things are changing and what can be done to help prevent irreversible damage; by leading to a more sustainable lifestyle.

In 2020, people around the world realized that their own actions can make a difference. Covid-19 has changed people’s perception about how everyone needs to take active steps and work together to keep everyone safe.

People now find remote and virtual work to be their new regular, but is it possible to maintain sustainable living in these new environments?

Yes – and there are ways we can begin implementing sustainability measures immediately. Here’s how you can maintain your productivity while working at home.

1. Utilize energy wisely

The most important thing to everyone when they are at home is to feel comfortable. By simply turning your thermostat 2 degrees up in the summer and 2 degrees down in the winter, you can save up to 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Additionally, using a thermostat that utilizes efficient energy is another way to save energy.

Having a smart thermostat in your home isn’t a must if you work remotely. When applied to our daily lives, the little things go a long way.

When you’re leaving a room, leave the lights off and take advantage of natural light. By closing shades, blinds, and drapes during the summer, you can reduce the amount of work your AC has to do. Instead, allow the warmth of the sun to warm your home naturally during those cooler months. This is also an effective way to set up your eco-friendly home office.

2. Don't overbuy things

Online shopping is a tempting lure that we have all become accustomed to because we are based at home. Nonetheless, overbuying can be detrimental to sustainability if prompted by boredom. It is proven that buying less ‘stuff’ makes us happier and helps the environment.

Remember that a little goes a long way. Shopping bright ensures that we buy items we need and are not going to expire or become useless all at once.

Make sure you purchase something that will last when making an online purchase. If you are working from home for the foreseeable future, make sure you invest in furniture that’s both comfortable and reliable. Autonomous offers a range of office chairs, including the best-selling ErgoChair 2.

3. Reuse what you have

Besides limiting how much you buy online, you may also want to consider reusing the things you already have. There is no need to update everything, and you can sometimes use something different.

Office space needed? If you have any old wooden panels lying around, you can install them on the wall to create recycled shelves. Each panel can be customized to suit whatever interior design you have in your home by painting and decorating it. Whether you are storing documents, books, office supplies, or anything else, they are ideal.

When you let your craftiness run wild, you can create so many beautiful things. Rather than throwing away your office supplies as soon as you come home, why not repurpose them for bills, to-do lists, and receipts?

Keep these used binders neat and orderly in our user-friendly filing cabinet if you still need additional storage space.

4. Create an eco-friendly office at home

Making sure the stuff in your new home office is environmentally friendly is a good idea.

The eco-friendly aspect of your home office goes beyond allowing natural light and letting the breeze flow. Consider getting some indoor plants so you can breathe in some fresh air. These will make your office space feel greener and will enhance the air quality.

While you’re at home, why not add hanging planters and miniature herb gardens to the space to provide another sustainable function?

An intelligent office accessory will also help keep your designated workspace small. So, when you have finished your working day, you can still use the rest of your home for other purposes. All the things you do inside would also leave less of an environmental footprint.

5. If possible, go outside

Working outside and interacting with nature is considered suitable for the environment and one of the most influential work-from-home tips to be more productive Make sure you spend time outside when it is safe and allowed.

Working outside and interacting with nature is considered suitable for the environment and one of the most influential work-from-home tips to be more productive. Nature – and sustainable living – enter everyday conversation more and more as people talk about the beautiful and refreshing experiences with the environment.

By going on trips and using businesses or services that provide access to the natural world, we show politicians and investors that people care about preserving the environment.

If you don’t have a nature service or business nearby, why not use your local park cafe for some work? Consider taking a break from work altogether to go on a nature walk.



We live sustainably every day, and we don’t have to stop now that we work from home. Commute-free living allows us more time for reflection on how we can contribute to society.

You can quickly adapt your work-at-home day to help the environment without leaving your house.

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