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How Steve Jobs Made Apple so Successful

How Steve Jobs Made Apple so Successful

The brand new iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 pro has arrived on the market. The people who generally lead luxurious lives become so thrilled about the introduction of the new iPhone model. Why is the iPhone so overhyped? What’s the reason behind the fact that the product of Apple is a sign of aristocracy? Why is Apple always thought of as a product of solvent and luxurious people? How did Apple get its fame all over the world?

In Particular, the founder of Apple is Steve Jobs whose master class ideas, fresh innovation and flawless business policy play pivotal roles regarding the success of Apple. Apple was the first-ever company to make history to achieve a market capitalization of $1 trillion on August 02, 2018!

From Blue Boxes to Apple Inc.

Accordingly, Steve Jobs started his business with Steve Wozniak. Together they built the blue boxes phone phreakers used to make free calls across the nation. They couldn’t make expected success as they targeted for which they swiftly left the blue boxes behind. However, Apple I, the next product which was a kit for building a PC, they launched. To do anything with the kit, the customer needed to use their own monitor and keyboard with it which seemed a handicap for their new product, Apple I.

Basically, Steve Jobs handled the sales of Apple I and they made enough money to invest in the Apple II. With the inception of Apple II, Jobs and Wozniak attracted the venture capital companies which meant they were in the big race for their new company. Eventually, in 1976 Apple was officially incorporated. At the age of 22, Steve Jobs on the verge of being a millionaire.

The Roller Coaster Ride Starts

Consequently, on the strength of the Apple II, by the year 1978, Apple was making $2 million in profits. In 1980, Apple went public. It became a dynamic company at that time with the combative management style of Steve Jobs. Apple’s board of directors wasn’t too gratified seeing the power imbalance in the company. Thus, they brought John Sculley to the executive team in 1983. Conversely, in 1985 the board expelled Steve Jobs  in favor of John Sculley!

The Gap Years (From 1985 to 1996)

Notably, at the time of 1985, Steve Jobs was rich and unemployed but he didn’t sit idle. In 1986, Jobs invested in a company called Pixar which eventually earned Steve Jobs around $1 billion. After that, he founded  NeXT to create high-end computers. Ironically, Apple bought NeXT in 1996 for its operating system which brought Steve Jobs back to Apple.

Getting Apple Inc. Back on Track


Subsequently, when Steve Jobs returned the company, its condition wasn’t in a good place. Apple had already lost the dominance over the market. Again, Steve Jobs found himself in the driver’s seat. Therefore, he took some drastic brave steps to turn around Apple’s decline. The company received a $150 million crucial investment from Bill Gates at the emergency time.

Furthermore, Steve Jobs used the money to circulate advertising and revamp the strategy. He also bolstered research and development (R&D) to assess the market.

The NeXT operating system was used to create the iMac which was Apple’s first hit PC. Jobs followed this success with the iPod in 2001 and the iPad in 2010. On January 9, 2007, the iPhone was officially announced. Apple dominated the smartphone market with the iPhone.

To summarize, Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56. He gave a colossal  contribution to technology which cannot be filled. He is no more but no one forgets his contributions. He was a successful entrepreneur but throughout his life there are enormous ups and downs. Only for Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. is one the best companies in the world.


‘Stay hungry, Stay foolish’- Steve Jobs


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