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How much serious is Corona

How much serious is Corona


Mers Corona Virus, MERS-COV.3d rendering



Corona is a newly introduced disease caused by a virus named Covid-19. This has been widely spread in 171 countries in the world. It was first discover and attacked in China which is spread around the world as a pandemic by now.It is a kind of respiratory illness with symptoms close to pneumonia. This virus can be fatal in some cases. It’s more threatening because you don’t realize you are infected for about 14days. It starts showing symptoms as soon as this14 days pass. Meanwhile you roam around your locality without knowing the fact that you are asymptotic to Covid-19 or corona virus. As this virus is extremely contagious, you already infect a great number of people along with yourself. Moreover scientists could not invent anything like a vaccine or antidote or even any confirm medication that would surely cure this disease. For this reason, Corona is a really dangerous disease which should be taken seriously.


If we take a look on the recent occurrence or circumstance of corona infected patients in Bangladesh, we can see the man who died in tolarbag single handedly infected 4persons as off now. Among them 1 person is already dead. And the infected patient includes an elderly mosque imam, a doctor and 2 nurses of the hospitals he visited. The doctor is in severe condition now. More people who have been by any chance around him, are worried to be tested positive as more days will pass. Here, number of infected people highlighted or approximated are only related to him. But there are 33 more confirmed cases who are affected by this virus. Among these 33, 6 are filed in last 24hours and 2died till now. 13 of them are abroad returnees and rest 20 are somehow related to them and got infected.



This was the data of Bangladesh till now, you read. If we see the current statistics across the globe, we see Italy and Iran suffering the most. China has been affected greatly but they could recover real soon because of adapting safety measures on time and with seriousness. If China had not taken steps as early as they did, the fatal rate of this virus would exceed 3% . But countries like Italy, Iran, Spain did not take it seriously, which they are paying now by declaring dead hundreds of people everyday. About 16,319 people have died due to this fatal disease by now. This seriously indicates how much serious this disease is.


A report from Imperial College, London shows that the approximate number of corona infected patient in Bangladesh can exceed the number by 89120161. More alarming is that, about 696595 of them would need ICU support where we have only 500 ICUs in our country. As a result 507442 people can die of Corona. These data were circulated by considering the population of Bangladesh and rate of infection around the world. So this situation is really serious this time.


Government of Bangladesh, realizing the seriousness of this pandemic has finally declared a general holiday of 10days. The intention behind this holiday is to keep people indoors and safe from this virus. Not only Bangladesh, 17 cites around the world has taken safety measures by declaring lockdowns general holiday. These countries include India(some states), U.S.A, Canada, Italy, Some European Union affiliated countries and so on.




The transmission of this virus in Bangladesh is already at community transmission phase. If the returnees of Italy and other European Union countries could have been quarantined the number of confirmed cases of this virus would have been decreased. Also if our government had understood the seriousness before and locked down the cities as soon as they found the first few patients, we could save a lot of lives in future. But the ray of hope is we can still keep ourselves safe by being serious and taking safety measures. We should stay at home at any cost. Only one person per family should go outside to meet the necessities of that family. We should avoid public gathering as well as meeting unknown people. Specially the abroad returnees should be monitored seriously so that they don’t roam here and there and spread the virus among the mess.


One thing should be added, we should not stock or pile up food in this crisis situation. Neither should we pile up sanitization products such as hand sanitizer, hand rub, mask, gloves, tissue paper and so on. Rather we should understand the seriousness of the disease and buy smartly so that everyone can get what they need and we all, together can stay safe and free from corona virus. Do not be a COVIDIOT. Don’t know who’s a covidiot? It might be any of us who behave stupidly and stubbornly ignores the situation of Covid-19 or corona.


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