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Happiness Isn’t The Absence of Negative Feelings

Happiness Isn’t The Absence of Negative Feelings

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”- Aristotle

“The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.”- William Saroyan

Mr. T works in a well-known private company. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of his fellow colleagues have been laid off to cut the expenditure of his company. Luckily, he’s not laid off as his performance graph is upward. For this reason, he’s grateful to almighty Allah. 4 (Four) months later, there are some whispers on the air that some worthy employees will be laid off soon. Hearing that news, Mr. T feels confident that he is never going to be laid off. He wants to remove negativity inside him utterly. Thence, he seems to be relaxed. As he sets himself free from negative feelings, he is starting to recognize himself as a ‘Happy Man’. Is he really happy about his job? Do absence of negative feelings happiness?


The later part of the writing, we will try to answer those questions. Here, we’ll try to address the exact meaning of happiness, psychology behind happiness, importance of happiness, some vivid examples of happiness and tentative propositions of becoming happy.


Particularly, happiness depends on mentality and mindset. It’s a feeling that one is mentally and physically well-being, full of joy and contentment. Whenever doing something causes happiness, people usually want to do more of it. No one ever complained about feeling too much happiness. Happiness means gratification and satisfaction. Only setting aside negative feelings is not happiness which has done by Mr. T. There are people, who believe that the fulfillment of a certain wish would create joy and contentment in their life, but this is not always true. Often, when we get our wish fulfilled, we just move to the next wish. By removal of negative feelings to attain happiness means pretending to be happy whereas one is actually not happy. Thus, searching for happiness is the root cause of unhappiness.


Accordingly, some theories state that pursuing happiness is pointless and some assume that happiness can be purposefully enhanced. The requirements and needs of happiness encumbers everyone to be really happy in life. Human psychology varies behind happiness. Likewise, Mr. T thinks only the absence of negative feelings can make him happy. It’s noted that some portion of our happiness is set by our genetics, but the amount varies from about 10% up to 50%.  Still, there are many sources that contribute to or compose happiness. Therefore, absence of negative feelings are happiness for somebody which actually isn’t. Human psychology is often serpentine towards the exact motive of happiness.


In addition to, to be a ‘Happy Man’ is the ultimate motto of our life. From riches at high castle to poor at slum, all of them are haunting for happiness. Since happiness can bring-

  •   Joy, satisfaction, well-being, and a sense of bliss.
  •   Happy people are positive, optimistic, tolerant and more patient people
  •   Reinforce  the immune system and dissolve complexity
  •   Leads to peace, love, harmony and a feeling of freedom


Meantime, we’ll strive to find some perfect pictures of happiness. There are a few examples that can display a wide range of lives that can be conducive to happiness. These may like: (1) A man who is happily married with three healthy children and a relatively low-paying job (2) A teenager in a foster home who has several close friends and enjoys playing football on his school’s team (3) An unmarried man in a monastery who has no earthly possessions and no salary to speak of, but finds meaning in communing with his god. Above these examples, we can be consensus that happiness comes from many ways and it totally depends on the individual.


Furthermore, we can go through some basic propositions to be ‘Happy Man’. These are mentioned below:

  1.   To be happy, start living in the present moment, not in the past and not in the future
  2.   Calm your mind and your thinking
  3.   Stop focusing on lack and on the things that you don’t have
  4.   Always believe your fate
  5.   Grow an attitude to content with what you have
  6.   Compare between what you have and even if you don’t get it either


By the way, Mr. T is actually not a ‘Happy Man’ rather he finds a technique to be happy. Therefore, absence of negative feelings is a technique to feel happy as happiness thoroughly depends on mindset. Conversely, a question arises what is the situation for Mr. T for happiness? In a word, when there’s no threat of sacking from his job, Mr. T is definitely happy about his job.

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