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  • How does Interactive cares work ?

    Interactive Cares is a responsive, easy platform for you to find experts in various fields. Both prospective users and experts can sign up and enter their details. Experts can create a profile to showcase their achievements and users can enter their requirements. The rest is left to us. We screen through and match with both the user and the expert’s needs to find the most suitable list of options to choose from.

  • How do I find an expert ?

    Step 1: Sign up and create an account. Tell us your requirements and what kind of expert you need. Step 2 : Request a Experts, filtering according to your location, budget, institution etc. Step 3 : Confirm and set up an interview Step 4: You’re done. Yes, it’s that easy !

  • Am I eligible for the job ?

    If you’re between 18-60 years of age, and think you can teach, sign up !

  • How much will I get paid ?

    Your payment will depend on the user’s needs; however, you can enter the range you’re comfortable with and we will match with your users willing to pay that much.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with the expert ?

    There are a number of routes you can take : (1) you can terminate the contract any time you want, just by talking to the expert (2) you can put in a review for the tutor through Interactive cares (3)you can also contact us through the website to inform us of any inconvenience and we will take action

  • Is Finding Expert Free of Cost?

    Yes, It's completely free.