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Essentials of Digital Security

Essentials of Digital Security

Rifat logged on his Gmail account and came across a lucrative promotional advertisement. “Golden Opportunity: Fix your seat in the top-ranked universities of the USA”, yes, the headline was something like that which can easily attract an enthusiast dreaming of getting a settled life abroad. From his excitement, he opened the link, everything on that site looked credible until a restriction came upon with the download link of the registration form. It wasn’t downloading and, his computer’s anti-virus was restricting it. Being too desperate for the opportunity, Rifat turned off his antivirus and the firewall of his computer system. And finally, it was successfully downloaded. With dreams in his eyes, Rifat opened the form and there was a letter he found. The gist of the letter was a certain system locked all his files for which a paid software is required to unlock his files. He got confused, what did happen? He looked in all the drives, and all files were locked and inaccessible. He started to panic all his assignments, personal photos, everything was now out of his hand. He tried every possible way to retrieve his days, but all his attempts went in vain. His computer was under the attack of terrible ransomware.  


So, what ransomware is? These are harmful software that gets installed on our computer through deceptive links and disables any function of our system and asks for money from us to get rid of it. It is just an example, how dangerous the digital world can be! It may sound a bit creepy, but to be honest, we are to blame for these unwanted situations. Just a little of our awareness can save us from the extreme conditions. Not only ransomware, but our device or email-id is also at the risk of getting hacked. It takes no time to get lost in the delusional world and pay an enormous cost for it. For the working people and students, email by now has become an identity. Within this COVID-19 pandemic, our field of work has transferred to the online world. To carry on the studies, work and, further discussions, our life is hugely dependent on the graces of the internet, the ultimate medium of communications these days. There is no alternative to this useful medium though it has numerous loopholes in it. 


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With this inadequacy, we have to move forward and keep ourselves alert. Being alert, as it suggests from the definition, is to keep all our senses active while we are in this cyber world. Each click matters. We have to be cautious with our every move and take the highest possible security. Our computer system within itself has a built-in firewall facility that is undeniably for a cause. We visit different websites and download files as per our necessities. The available contents are not always safe. The firewall detects and obstructs the unwanted program to get into our system. In some of the cases, the built-in firewall is not enough for protection, and that is why we need external trusted antivirus software for the overall security. While choosing the best software, we must keep in mind several issues. It includes compatibility with our device, the scanning, and detection method, payment terms, privacy policy, and the virus removing capabilities.


Sometimes, we need to do our payments online using cards where many confidential data are included, a good antivirus will also ensure the safety of this information. These methods were some help from the external sources. Just only installing antivirus software and thinking all your problems are solved is not wise enough. The suggested restrictions from these protections are to be followed strictly. Besides, there are also some small issues to keep in mind. In the digital world believing someone blindly can cost you heavily. While setting on our passwords for different media, we have to be very specific and never share our passwords with anyone. Our communications with strangers must also be in control so that we do not share any confidential or personal data. If we maintain all the basic ethics, it will not be of much concern.


For any activity, there is a set of rules. Building your mind with the wrong conception that ‘rules are meant to be broken’ will lead you to get shattered. In this age of digitalization, our daily works have got an extra pace. We at the comfort of our home seem to unlock a lot of new experiences. Whatever be the case, our security always needs to be our priority. Getting things done online is easy but losing everything is easier. 

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