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Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life

Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life


Emotions are one of the most significant things that made human beings the best of creation. We can feel situations — we feel bad after doing something unethical, we feel good after doing something noble. All of our actions or even thoughts invoke some sorts of emotions. Emotional intelligence, also known as Emotional Quotient or EQ shows one’s capability of recognizing his own as well as the emotions of others, labeling those and inducing a positive response. EQ is considered as one of the most important interpersonal skills. Various researches throughout the world have shown the gravity of EQ. In daily life, we often face situations where our EQ is tested. Here, we have discussed some basic aspects of Emotional Intelligence which can be practiced in our everyday life —



A famous quote from Aristotle says “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” It is true in almost every sphere of our life. Emotionally Intelligent people know themselves very well. They know their weaknesses and strengths. They have an understanding of what makes them happy and what makes them sad. Research indicates that emotionally intelligent people are more happy and satisfied with their life. They have flexible personal traits and strong determination to omit problematic actions. They also tend to have a clear idea about their capability. They are open-minded and they invite constructive criticism. They know what’s good for them and what’s bad for them.




Self-regulation is all about implementing what we know about ourselves. Emotionally Intelligent people try to improve on their weaknesses. Anger is very prevalent but a self-regulated person knows how to control his anger. Everyone likes to be around self -regulated people as they know to check their impulsion. Emotionally Intelligent people know their strengths. They are well aware, how to extract the most benefit out of those. They are regarded as dependable. They don’t panic and they handle demanding situations better than people around them. They inspire a sense of integrity.




Motivation is an indispensable part of Emotional Intelligence. People with high EQ know how to motivate themselves. They are passionate about their work. They create a cause to drive themselves towards their goals. Their control over their actions keeps them motivated. They are optimistic people and they are not wavered by failure. They learn from their mistakes but never compromise with their goals. Their high EQ helps them to judge their capability accurately and make feasible plans. Only the self-motivated can motivate others. People with high EQ know how to motivate and bring the best out of someone. Motivated people can add value to the lives of others.



Empathy is the ability to understand others’ feelings. Empathetic people are aware of other people’s emotions. They possess great cross-cultural knowledge. They know what can make people happy or sad. They see the world from the shoe of others. They are sympathetic towards people. Empathy is directly associated with emotional intelligence. Understanding other’s perspectives and acting accordingly is a very important interpersonal skill. Empathetic people think about everyone before making any important decision, People share their problems and feel comfortable around the empathetic people.


Social Skills

Influencing different people in different ways is an essential skill. All people are not the same so we need to treat people accordingly. Emotionally Intelligent people understand group dynamics better. They are good leaders and they can lead teams. They can bring effective changes by influencing the people around them. They can connect to others intelligently and drive them to the desired direction. Having a clear picture of the capability of teammates makes a leader an effective leader. An emotionally intelligent leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of his teammates. Emotional Intelligence is a must-have skill for every leader.




Some of you might be feeling low spirited after reading these basic aspects of EQ but hold on, unlike many other skills, Emotional Intelligence is an acquired skill. We can always work towards improving our EQ. We have to allocate more time for ourselves. The first step for acquiring a high EQ is to know thyself. We have to observe our own actions ― what makes us happy, what makes us angry, and reflect on those. We need to change the behaviors that might hurt others. We have to work passionately and find a cause for working hard. We have to be less judgemental and see every event from the perspective of others. Emotional Intelligence is not something we are going to master overnight, it takes efforts and consistency. High Emotional Intelligence helps us stand out and makes our everyday life more meaningful.

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