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Effective tips for teaching

Effective tips for teaching


Teaching is a great job. You could teach in an educational institution, in a coaching center or even at your home. Whatever the case, you still are doing something noble. You not only get to teach but also interact with so many different people. Some take teaching as passion and others take it up as a job. A lot of cases the passion also becomes to get a job in the field of teaching.

There are no hard and fast rules of becoming a good teacher or rules that can dictate which technique is perfect for teaching. Teachers have to adapt to many different things like students, subjects, environments, and even culture. The realm of teaching is very dynamic so the teacher always has to be ready to think on their feet and figure out ways to connect and interact with the students. But fret mot because we have some tips for you.


Tips on making teaching more effective

Enjoy yourself
Whether you always wanted to be a teacher or took it as a job and only started, you have to remember that teaching is different from other jobs. You have to like what you do and also express that you like your job. Find your niche and decide which subject you want to teach before starting. Teaching like every other activity might get tiring. So, you have to be thoughtful about what you want to teach. Because your interest and enthusiasm will obviously reflect on your students.


Know your students
You must have some sort of orientation or “ice-breaking’’ before you start your sessions. Even after these, you have to try to communicate and get to know about the students. While teaching a group you have to wary that not everyone is going to have the same aptitude of learning. You have to know whether they understand or even like the way you teach. You must have a communicative relationship with them so they can come forward themselves if faced with any difficulties.


Ensure class participation
Upon knowing about your students you also have to see whether everyone is paying attention and participating. Some students might feel shy or inferior to ask questions. Make sure you involve every one of your students and encourage them. But don’t overdo it as sometimes insisting might make the student more nervous. If so then ask them to come after class.


Make learning fun
Not all your lessons and classes have to be interactive but adding small games or interactive sessions can ease a monotonous lesson. It is sometimes difficult to add games to certain subjects. But you can always make a fun quiz game where you can group up students in teams and have them compete. You have to be creative to an extent if you want to make your teachings more enjoyable.


Be tech-friendly

Let’s face it technology has vastly changed the field of education with online classes, courses, and accessibility to tons of educational sources and tools. Our generation is very tech-savvy and it is only natural that they won’t completely co-operate with old teaching methods. You have to find ways to combine technology with your style of teaching. You can use Google classroom to store and deliver your lessons, take online quizzes, use videos and visual cues, use software and also encourage your students to use and learn about software.


Be open to new teaching methods
As previously mentioned due to myriads of reasons teaching methods change over time and different students have different adaptability to learning. So you have to be open to trying out new methods. You can do our research just by sitting at home and using the internet to learn about what is new and what type of new methods you can use to teach your students.


Analyze growth
You have to analyze your student’s growth. Some students are bright from the start while some take a bit more practice. You have to analyze whether the student who was falling behind is still failing to cope up with the others. Yes, differences won’t occur overnight but take mental notes about how well each individual is doing, gather feedbacks and try to reach out to the students who are falling behind. Try to understand the cause and figure out a solution to help them so they too can unlock their potential.


Aside from loving teaching you also have to be serious about it. It is not an easy task and not just about anyone has the patience to do it. Keep in mind that you are not teaching just for fun, your words might just inspire someone to become something great. In the short period you spend with your students you become their mentor, guardian, friend and maybe even a role model.

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