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Detox Water : A Magic or just a myth ?

Detox Water : A Magic or just a myth ?

By now , most of us have heard or known about the “Detox Water” and the claims of its magical effects over our body . Detox Water , which is a type of drink where water is infused with the flavors of various kinds of fresh fruits , vegetables , herbs which is also known as fruit-infused water or fruit-flavored water. It is usually made up by infusing the fresh ingredients in water for several hours without juicing or blending it so it actually is very famous among the weight loss plans for it being very low in calories .
There are plenty of types regarding detox water . The most famous of them are :

Apple Cinnamon Infused Water :
As apples are full of vitamin B complex ,C as well as flavanoids , it is claimed that this infused water works as a tonic in boosting the metabolism. Cinnamon has an ability to reduce cholesterol and maintain heart health .

Orange – Mint Infused water :
Orange and lemon both are powerful sources of vitamin C which helps work against the harmful effects of free radicals on skin . It claims to make your skin glow and bright .

Ginger- Lemon infused water :
Proven by scientific research , working as a belly flab , ginger helps to make one feel fuller than usual ,which restrains them from overeating . Lemon boosted the power of this water twice .

Watermelon infused water :
Water is surely one of the best hydrating agents as it has 92 % of water in it. As it has a big portion of water , it helps to flash out the toxins very well.

what it claims ?
It is said that, Detox water helps in weight loss by getting rid of the gastrointestinal toxins and other unsavoury build up substances . These toxins often slow down the metabolic system which causes fatigue , weight gain and severe illnesses e g: Renal diseases .etc.

Some Real Health benefits
Below I’ve mentioned some of the health benefits that have been claimed by Infused water :

Detoxifies the blood :
Our blood is being infused with so many toxic substances every day by food, drugs ; It is removing toxins from our cells of different organs each minute . Thus our blood really needs to get cleaned . There Are some substances e g : Cinnamon , Ginger ; which works as blood detoxifiers . This helps cleanse the blood from these harmful toxic substances.

Increasing metabolism and weight loss :
Basically water increases the metabolism rate of our body in a real quick manner . Half a liter of water can increase the metabolism by 30% . Increased metabolism rate always tends to reduce weight . Hence detox water works as a catalyst to boost the power of water and works to fasten the metabolism .
Good metabolism needs more energy to function thus it helps to burn the fats .

*Detox water mixed with apple cider vinegar works as stimulators to weight loss .

Improves bowel movement :
There is no alternative but good hydration to maintain a healthy and regular bowel movement . Detox water certainly helps in this . As it is embedded with more nutrition , it helps to remove the sluggishness through the gut and helps to move the contents of our digestive system faster and prevents constipation .

*Try to consume a cup of detox water every morning to maintain a healthier bowel movement .

Boosts Immunity System :
Well there are so many vitamins that can be found in detox water which definitely helps in boosting our immunity .

* Always try to remove the infused ingredients after a suitable time as over infusing will decompose the substances in water .
To be said , most of these benefits don’t have any strong scientific proof to get a declaration . Researchers and nutritionists are working on this to prove them as real life benefits . Although in western world this detox water has already earned a place to be served as a healthy drink instead of soda in the parties .Gym instructors and dietitians have shown much dependency on detox water in this decade . So though it doesn’t have strong scientific proof , it has earned a place among many health conscious people . So we can also say that detox water is not entirely a myth .


Umme labiba
Chattogram Medical College
MBBS 3rd Year


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