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Everything We Need to know About Anxiety Disorders

Everything We Need to know About Anxiety Disorders

Let’s consider a situation, Rakin is a teenager. He has started to experience extreme anxiety than its expected level of anxiety in a certain situation. Besides, his duration of anxiety is long-lasting.  His anxiety always turns into fear. Why does this happen?

In a straight way, it’s because of Anxiety Disorders. Anxiety Disorders are mental illness because of excessive anxiety and fear. Anxiety means worry for forthcoming events whereas fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. In this blog, we’ll explain about the definition of anxiety disorders, its classification, its signs & symptoms, what causes it, the risk factors and probable treatments.

Particularly, there are several anxiety disorders. However, 6 (six) major anxiety disorders are given below:


An anxiety disorder when one fears, he tries to avoid the situations/places that caused the panic and exposure. The situations include: being in open spaces, being outsides of home alone, being in a crowd and so on

Separation Anxiety Disorders

It happens when one is separated from a particular person /persons and because of this he becomes scared.  The situation includes: being scared of being left alone, intense fret about losing a major person of life etc.

 Specific Phobia

A type of anxiety disorder which occurs anxiety because of specific situations or objects. The threatening situations include specific objects such as snakes, spiders etc.

Social Anxiety Disorders

Having an excessive anxiety or fear concerning at least one social situation where the person will be scrutinized by other people.

Panic Disorders

Panic disorders refers to anxiety or fear that affect both emotional and physical functioning of a body. These situations include: sweating, trembling, fear of dying etc.

Generalized Anxiety Disorders

This anxiety disorder happens because of unrealistic worry and tension with no reason. The situation Includes: continuously facing problems with sleep, ceaseless expressions of irritability or restlessness etc.

Consequently, the most common signs & symptoms of anxiety disorders are following:

  • Complexity in sleeping
  • Breathing swiftly
  • Experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) problems
  • Having difficulty controlling worry
  • Feeling excessive brittle
  • Having a sense of impending danger
  • Having swell heart rate

Next, the causes of anxiety disorders are untraceable. Yet, traumatic events trigger anxiety disorders. The medical causes include: misuse of drugs, diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid problems etc. After that the risk factors are given below:                                                                                                                                       

  •     Trauma
  •       Stress due to an illness. 
  •       Stress build-up
  •       Personality
  •       Other mental health disorders
  •       Drugs or alcohol

Finally, there’s no certainty that anxiety disorders can be cured wholly. Conversely, there are some steps that lessen anxiety disorder such as Get help early, avoid alcohol or drug use and Stay active.

In a nutshell, anxiety disorders are difficult to control. To encounter anxiety disorders, we always need a long-term plan to have remedy.

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