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Bullying- A severe violence

Bullying- A severe violence




What is bullying?

How does it fell when you say someone, ‘Hey, you are just a trash. You’re never going to make that.’ Very cool, superior, right? Now if I ask someone who has been said this. How do you feel? Insulted or torn apart?





Bullying is a negative and persistent aggressive behavior that can be both physical and verbal, conducted by a person or a group. Most of us are familiar to the term “bullying” either by bullying someone or being bullied. It is not less than terrorism. Because a person always lives in the fear that when he will be attacked by that bully again. We normally think that only school kids bully one another. But the fact is bullying take place in our family, work places and in our friend circle also. People bully others purposely to make them hurt.


Types of bullying


4 types of bulling: verbal, cyber, physical, social. A set of characters and situations with bullying and personal violence. Vector flat illustration.


Four types of bullying are common and seen every now and then.

Physical bullying:

Such kind of bullying includes fighting or attacking each other which is normally seen in young people.


Verbal bullying:

This is a very common type of bullying that includes mocking, shaming, mimicking or teasing a person.


Social bullying:

Such bullying includes encouraging others to exclude a person from the group or refusing to talk to him.


Cyber bullying:

This is one of the most important topics to talk about. Cyber bullying occurs via online and that makes a person feel more insecure. It is because cyberbullies use technology to threaten or harass anyone through texts, post embarrassing photos of others, mails or comments. The bullies don’t think once before making a troll or meme of a person. A person can be bullied 24/7 hours, every day despite staying at home. It seems to the person that no place is safe and someone is following him every time and everywhere. Almost 60% young people have been victim of it. It is also a kind of cyber crime. One suffers from depression, low self-esteem, insecurity because of such bullying.


What it’s like to be bullied




When you bully someone they experience their worst. Bullying has short term and long term effects. Children who are bullied suffers from depression, anxiety and loneliness. They lose interest in study and going to school. As a result, their academic results start to fall. Childhood bullying has a long term effect on a person. A victim can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, difficulty in trusting and building relationship and most importantly they are at a high risk of suicide. A person starts to hate himself and finds himself worthless. Besides, cyberbullying is more painful than any other kind of bullying. Because a person doesn’t feel secured instead of staying at home. It makes a person more threatened when cyberbullying is done by an anonymous also. So the victims are at greater risk of developing mental health problems including inferiority complex.




Why bullies bully?





There are many reasons to bully you.

  1. The people who usually bully are not happy with themselves. They feel powerful while bullying others. They may not be comfortable with their own skin color or who they are. These people suffer from extreme low-esteem within themselves.
  2. They bully because they think that if they bully you, they can hide their weakness by exposing yours.
  3. Most importantly, the bullies are appreciated and no one stops them. They feel successful at doing what they want.
  4. Most of the bullies are bullied at home or by others and so they vent out their frustration by bullying people.
  5. People are jealous about you. They just cannot handle their failure and also cannot stand your success. They afraid if you become successful and so they think they can make you fall by bullying.
  6. The bullies don’t want to let anyone see their imperfections. So they start finding fault in others and mock around them.
  7. Some people have so high self-esteem and are socially successful that they are comfortable in bullying and they think everyone is inferior to them.


How to stop bullying





People who bully you simply want to hurt you and make you feel bad about yourself by harassing you. They are a hindrance in the way of your success and they don’t let you be who you are. Let not these small insignificant people determine you and so there some steps you should develop to deal with the bullies.



  1. Be confident: The bullies want to win over you. They cannot stand for your success. So ready for the fact that the bullies will come to attack you and to weaken you. Don’t let yourself be hurt by the people who try to pull you down because they are always inferior to you. The more empowered you are, the less you have the possibilities to get bullied. Also know the fact that the person who bullies you is jealous of you. They may have the lack of parent love, proper care or have the fear that you may become successful than them.
  2. Act wisely: A bully wants to make you angry and down. The more you feel angry, the more they get fun. So just avoid them. Like if someone says you, “You smell like a trash”. Then just say,”Ow thanks for your information.” Just make them understand that their opinion has zero importance in your life.
  3. Stand up!: Don’t wait for anyone will come and help you. You have to stand up for yourself. Don’t let them feel that you are weak. You are not weak and nothing’s wrong with you. So just fight back with your intelligence.
  4. You have someone to listen: It can happen that you are continuously being bullied and it’s becoming depressing for you. Tell your parents or your siblings or teacher or anyone who is close to you or anyone whom you can trust. Don’t hesitate to share your problems.
  5. Deal with cyberbullying: If you find someone is continuously harassing you in social media, then just simple block or report his ID. Don’t give anyone that much importance to be your headache. Also know that cyberbullying is considered as criminal crime. So you can take help of law also. So just don’t be disturbed with cyberbullies.


Words for the bullies out there


We all are born with imperfections. No one is perfect in this world. When you bully someone do you even understand how much insecurity you feel that you harass someone to feel better? Do you realize that you are actually inferior to that person? Bullying is not okay at all. You are actually hurting someone intentionally which is really sick. A person may not be as talented as you, or as beautiful as you are or even not friendly. So does that mean he/she has to be insulted? Someone may commit suicide only because of your words. So don’t try to make anyone fit in your boxes. Everyone is individual and respect them for their individuality. So if you are a bully, then you really should yourself by solving your own insecurities and then help others to solve their problems. Let’s not make the world unlivable for anyone.



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