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Boosting Productivity with Ergonomics

Boosting Productivity with Ergonomics


All of us must have noticed sometimes that after sitting for long hours, even while we are not working much – we feel discomfort. Or, after some hours of work on our desk, we get stiff necks or back-pain. In such cases, we hardly can concentrate and work efficiently! For a while, we lose our productivity.

This drop of productivity happens for many reasons. If we can fix some of the reasons or at least can minimize their impacts, our productivity will automatically be increased. This is where ‘Ergonomics’ can help us!


Now, what is this ‘Ergonomics?’

Basically it is an applied science concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system. The goal of ‘Ergonomics’ is to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. Which means, it is one of the ways to boost overall productivity! Most often, this is alternatively referred to as ‘Human Factors.’ Although these two are sometimes differentiated according to some aspects, these are mostly synonymous. 


If you are still wondering, how ‘Ergonomics’ boosts productivity, here’s the answer –


  1.  Identifying the issues which disrupt productivity

Ergonomics (Human Factors) studies human-beings and their working environment. It tries to find out the factors of the workplace that influence physical or psychological changes in humans. For example: if someone has to sit for hours, there’s a high chance for that person to feel pain in the back. Slowly but surely, which will get worse over time! Again, if the weather is too hot or too cold, nobody will find it comfortable. In both cases, the workers will be less productive. For the back-pain or too hot/cold weather, they will be unable to concentrate on their work properly and thus under-productive.


  1.   Reducing ergonomic-stressors

There are three main characteristics which are known as ergonomic stressors. They are: the required force, any awkward or static working postures and the repetitiveness of a task. Any one or more factors may create discomfort or health-risk for any person. Ergonomics reduces these stressors as well as motivates the workers’ to be conscious and to form healthy habits.


  1.   Designing everything according to human favors

Ergonomics ensures a work-environment that is convenient to the workers of that respective place, trying to help them stay safe and work better. By work-environment, we mean every single thing/factor that encounters human-being. A short person won’t be comfortable in a table where his feets can’t reach the feet-rest. That’s why, working-desks/sitting-chairs are to be designed differently according to the size and shape of different human-beings. If the storage access is easy, the workers will be comfortable. Again if a work-place is beside a busy road, that work-station must have some thick windows and doors so that the unnecessary sounds can’t enter inside the workplace. 


  1.   Making workers more enthusiastic

As workers get everything in their favor, they feel comfortable and cared. This feeling often leads to motivating people more. Also comfortable and healthy workers are more energetic. That’s how workers become more enthusiastic.


  1.   Minimizing work related errors

Inattentive workers make more mistakes. As Ergonomics enhances attention of the workers, the work related errors also get minimized. And less error means more efficiency!


Without workers’ safety, comfort and concentration, highest efficiency can never be achieved. All of these can boost productivity of the workers, also the systems. So if any company wants to have the highest efficiency, they must design their work-stations ergonomically! 


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