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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence in Education


Our world revolves around technology now. It has changed the way we live, earn, learn, plan and even visualize things.
We have computers capable on solving complex equations, smart phones almost powerful as desktops, high speed internet, self-driving cars and so many other things. Technology has changed along the course as well. Making our lives better and workload easier.
The latest edition to the immense impact of technology is the invention of AI.
AI stands for artificial intelligence. With AI the sky is the limits. The use of AI can be endless and it definitely help in almost all the sectors like business, agriculture, healthcare and even education.
The biggest presence and impact of it seems to be reverting to the field of education. Teaching and learning has always been dynamic. AI plans to extend and integrate this dynamism to a whole new level where human intelligence combines with machine learning to open doors to new possibilities.
Here we are going to highlight a few things what AI can do in the realm of education.
The reason we say “can” is because artificial intelligence has not been fully optimized and is still in the development stages.


Students and AI
As we mentioned earlier, learning is dynamic. Different methods are always tested and applied to see how students can learn. Apart from cramming texts books there are plenty of things student can use to learn. As a matter of fact these help students learn better and faster.
A few things that help in better learning are
• Visual cues
• Graphical representation
• Slide presentations
• Video examples
• Practical usage
The use of AI can utilize all these things to create a better learning environment. AI excels at taking difficult scenarios and breaking it down so it easy to understand.


Hyper personalization
Teachers have to divide their focus to the whole class. No matter how great a teacher he/she is it is impossible to cater for each individual when you have a class of 30 students or possibly more.
But with the help of AI the seemingly difficult task gets much easier. AI intends to help out each individual. The idea is to create one particular curriculum for all students but under this curriculum all the students will be guided with tailor made tasks, evaluations and feed backs solely for them.
AI can be used to first diagnose the students to figure out what they can and cannot do. After collecting this data it can automatically create tasks, lessons and even routines for how to improve. It can also monitor and track improvement. Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Space, ALEKS is one of those tools that can diagnose students and let them know about their learning gaps.


Teachers and AI

Let’s get one thing straight. AI is not here to replace teachers. It is rather here to help teachers.
How so?
Well teachers are not only responsible for teaching students. They have other duties and tasks as well. They have to complete paper works, evaluate exams, check scripts, and organize files and data and plenty of other administration works.
AI can be developed and used as a personal assistant which can complete all these administration task on behalf of the teacher. This helps the teacher to have more time to focus on their students, communicate with them and help them teach complex subjects which even artificial intelligence cannot.



Education for All
Online classes have already created this pathway and opened the doors to education to the whole world. Anyone with access to internet can learn. AI takes this one step ahead. Catering more to the needs of the student. There are plug-ins and software that help provide real time and automated subtitles to whatever the teacher is saying in the video.
This helps students who are not able to join classes immensely.


Create smart Content
Smart content is the hot topic now a days. Everything is now online and getting digitized. This also includes text books and study materials as well. What it does it break downs chapters of a given subject and breaks it down to several parts with easy to understand and remember graphical representation. We already mentioned the use of visual cues in importance of studies.
AI greatly takes that into consideration and creates amazing, fun and interacting study sessions. This adds flashcards, interactive quizzes, online tests, video demonstration in to the mix and truly creates smart contents to learn from.


Improves soft skills
AI might still be in development stages but it will definitely arrive and change the whole scenario of how we perceive our education. Apart from AI the world is also going to be revolving around effective and efficient software and smart tools. People adapted with AI will certainly need less time to get accustomed to any new software that might arrive in the near future.
It has already been established how software skills are as almost all sort of jobs require some soft skills. Even in educational institutions we use various tools to help us with our studies. Which is why using software has also become a part of our education. And the help of AI the knowledge and usage of soft skills will only increase.

The world is changing and AI is the next big thing. Artificial intelligence is bound to come and when it does come as fully functional a lot of things will change for the better. A few of the above mentioned topics are yet to be fully utilized and used widespread as AI is still in the development stages. It is expected that from 2024 47% learning management tools will have the functions of AI giving our teachers to create new methods of teaching. This astounding combination of man and machine is certain to create unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

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