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7 Effective Stress and Anxiety Busters

7 Effective Stress and Anxiety Busters

No one is devoid of stress. But, if the stress and anxiety are taking a toll on your mental well being then it is necessary to handle it as soon as possible. Excessive stress and anxiety can become anxiety disorder if we don’t manage it in due time. If you are experiencing negative feelings then here are some suggestions for you to relieve the stress and manage your anxiety before it becomes unhealthy. 


  • Write down what you feel :  

For me, this is the best way to deal with stress and anxiety. You can try it too. First, ask yourself. How are you feeling? Do you know why you are feeling like that? Focus on yourself for 5 minutes. After that, try to write down the answers. Actually, write everything that is going on your mind such as your thoughts, feelings, fears, plans etc. You don’t need to write anything in a rhetoric way. You can write a paragraph or write everything only using bullet points! Just write your heart out. 

Keeping a diary or journal will help you to reduce your stress. It can help you to find out the causes of your stress and anxiety. Moreover, it helps you to get a clear vision of your current thought process and challenges your negative thinking. 

Write down your feelings

However, keeping a gratitude journal can make you realize that life is still wonderful. Jotting down the things you are grateful for will definitely help you to calm down and will be a great stress buster. 

Therefore, as a wannabe content writer, I highly recommend this to you. Just grab a notebook, or open a google doc and vent out your emotions! Sometimes, venting out is necessary. 


  • Exercise : 

It is proven that exercise can help to reduce your stress, anxiety, depression by improving your self-esteem. It may seem weird to you, but a 30 minute sweat session has the ability to change your mood completely! Because, it releases endorphins that helps to improve your mood, basically a natural painkiller. Exercise helps to lower your cortisol (stress hormone) if you do it on a regular basis. 

Do exercise everyday!

In addition to that, people who exercise regularly tend to seem less stressed out than others who don’t do it. It boosts up your confidence as you feel physically strong and fit. 

For your mental well being, make an exercise routine that is suitable for your body and follow it regularly. It can be jogging, running, walking, HIIT workout, Zumba, Yoga anything!


  • Try to do yoga :

Though I already mentioned the importance of exercise on your mental health. Still, I want to especially mention Yoga. I love doing yoga! Suryanamaskar (it’s a complete set of 12 yoga poses) is a must thing to do for me. I try to do 5-8 rounds of Suryanamaskar everyday. Yoga is not only a form of exercise, it also connects your body and mind. Yoga increases body awareness, sharpens your attention, relieves your stress. It works like an antidepressant for you as its main goal is to join body and soul together. 

Yoga includes deep breathing. Say, if you do pranayama (one kind of deep breathing technique) it will work as a stress buster for you. Deep breathing ensures the relaxation response that we need when we are stressed out. 



  • Meditate :

Meditation or mindfulness is another great way to ease your stress and anxiety. You can easily meditate with the help of some great mindfulness apps! Well, I wrote an article on Top 5 free meditation apps, I will attach the link here. Give it a look!

Link :

  • Eat healthy : 

Some of us have a tendency of overeating when they are stressed out. All those burgers, pizzas, chips, ice-creams that you are stress-eating can not do anything but worsen your physical condition, even can give you a heart attack! Sometimes, in the process of exacerbating anxiety some people seem to consume foods that contain alcohol, caffeine, nicotine. It may seem they are helping you to relieve stress but actually, caffeine and alcohol can cause more anxiety, trigger panic attacks. So, basically, they make things worse.


Eat healthy, live healthy!

That’s why, try to eat healthy and avoid unhealthy food as much as you can. Eating healthy ensures that your brain gets enough nutrients for your physical and mental well being. 


  • Watch movies or series : 

Sometimes all we need is to chill! So, if you are freaking out right now or your online assignments are giving you panic attacks then take a break and chill for some time. Watch any funny movies or series that you love and laugh hard! I think, sitcoms are the best thing to watch in this situation. You can watch sitcoms such as, Friends, The office, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Schitt’s Creek etc. I watch “The office” whenever I feel low. What is your favorite show? 


Oh! I love Dwight!


  • Listen to music or just dance! :

Listening to soothing music can lower your stress level, blood pressure etc. You can try to listen to soothing music or natural sounds like birds chirping, the ocean. Try to feel the different melodies and enjoy.

Actually, try to listen to those songs that calms you down or work as a distraction from your tension and anxiety. If you don’t like soothing music, then it’s okay! Listen to those songs that you love. If “Fix you” by Coldplay can fix you then listen to it, on a loop! 

Or a Bollywood song can cheer you up, then play a bollywood song and dance, please don’t focus on the steps! I must admit, bollywood is my guilty pleasure. For instance, I was a little bit stressed out while writing this article (deadline is my enemy). So, I played some bollywood songs and danced! Dancing really helps! Trust me on that!

Let’s dance!

Lastly, a bonus suggestion for you and that is, pamper yourself. Take some time out, treat yourself or go to a spa (But, yes, wherever you go don’t forget to wear a mask. Corona is still out there!)

Well, these are some stress busters for you guys! I hope these will help you to relieve stress and anxiety. Just remember one thing, this shall too pass. You are brave enough to fight against your stress and anxiety. 



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