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7 Edtech Tools!

7 Edtech Tools!

Edtech is a portmanteau of the phrase “education technology”. It implies the combination of IT tools and educational practices aimed at facilitating and enhancing learning experience.

This growing global catastrophe has brought the entire education system to an abrupt halt. Correspondingly it has stimulated innovation in teaching tools, softwares & free teaching platforms which is revolutionary towards Distance Learning. These sustainable, reusable and far-reaching huge arrays of tools have maximized all the limits to make E-learning a better experience for the users. Where the face to face meetings have been replaced by Zoom or Google Meet & the workstations have gone far beyond an air conditioned office, It’s time we made the best use out of the available assistance to develop a relevant teaching learning management that fits our needs. As we have already been aware of the digital transformation that every industry is currently adopting, why leaving education behind?

Let’s hop into some buzzing Edtech tools that are being offered to us for costing only an internet connection, being fully aware of the brouhaha questioning its stability.



If you want to revamp your existing lesson plan or you are looking for a tool or aid to develop your own course structure, Nearpod can be the one stop solution. All you need is to upload your materials – be it a PDF or videos directly from YouTube & decorate these with assignments or questions to assure a formative assessment. Their support is almost free and the rest of some paid assistance is worth your penny. Teachers may find this site more relevant and resourceful.



This is a free game-based learning platform having active users from 180 countries now. With a motto of ‘making learning awesome’ it introduces users an interactive way to assess knowledge using a joyous format. Specially the forced adoption of E-learning is comparatively more complexed & monotonous for the kids who are missing the school environment. Kahoot has boosted its features to make learning fun, student friendly yet efficient in every way to reinforce them.



Looking for expert advice regarding higher studies abroad? There is a tool in combination with AI & proactive nudges that helps students regarding their admission overseas. AdmitHub’s chatbots answer over 80% of all student questions immediately, using advanced Natural Language Processing. It is also a dedicated platform for the universities to overcome all the existing challenges in order to become more student centric.



Who does not cherish old school records that lead us to be overwhelmed with nostalgia! Trovvit builds a digital portfolio of your academic documentations, helping you to track your reflection and growth in just one sweep. One can store his projects, interests, achievements, certificates and what not utilizing this app. It creates a perfect showcase of personal development.



Introducing a digital place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Each day, this website poses an intriguing question- be it fitting in with dinner preparations, carpool responsibilities, a stolen moment between breakfast and the bus, or within school curriculum and education programs. The excitement of learning that comes from curiosity and wonder is undeniable, and Wonderopolis helps create learning moments in everyday life.


Interactive Cares

Bangladesh’s first-ever Cloud & Artificial Intelligence-based Ed-tech platform bringing forth academic, career & skill development programs; cultural flourishment and health services through events, campaigns, courses and masterclasses. This is a platform consisting of more than 2 lakhs subscribers and till the date, their service has reached out to 1 crore individuals.



Wizer.Me is a free tool for teachers or facilitators to create their own interactive learning worksheets for any subject. Visually appealing Wizer worksheets engage students more deeply and save time with automatic checking & grading, or review one by one to give more personal feedback.

You may also opt for Twinkl, Buncee,, Flipgrid and many more exciting tools out there! This practice of introducing IT tools into the classroom to create a more engaging, inclusive and individualized learning experience doesn’t take much effort, you see! Let’s make learning FUN!

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