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7 Companies Using E-learning Courses for Lead Generation

7 Companies Using E-learning Courses for Lead Generation

You may have explored that eLearning is a learning management system, and whereas each is similar, they have two evident variations. e-learning: a system of learning that uses electronic media, usually over the online – Oxford Dictionaries

E-learning usually refers to the course content and system, the whole kit, and accumulation. Whereas learning management systems refers specifically to the package that homes all of the materials and practicality. However, that doesn’t stop the terms learning and learning management system (LMS) from being interchanged. For example, your company may provide their worker coaching through ”an e-learning platform”; however, they provide learning through AN LMS.

Regardless, it so renowned that these terms are often substituted and switched around – even within the industry, there’s no absolute right and wrong.

Technology plays a significant role in today’s market. one of the foremost significant advantages of eLearning is that it drastically reduces costs to the companies that implement it. eLearning simplifies the method of maintaining updates as compared to its traditional forms. In sharp contrast to conventional styles, eLearning uses a spread of mediums like text, videos, and animation to reinforce employee learning. E-learning helps reduce the worker employee turnover by giving employees access to round-the-clock informational and academic material that further boosts their professional calibre. One of the most important comparative advantages eLearning enjoys over the standard method of coaching employees is that the indisputable fact that eLearning is often measured.

Among the foremost popular eLearning curriculum providers are Udemy, Edx, Coursera, MasterClass, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, Alison etc.

Now I’ll discuss the top 7 Companies that Using E-Learning Courses for lead Generation.

1. Google

Google offers many required free online courses and knowledge resources.

In addition to the 146 free online courses available through Google Digital Garage, the tech giant also paired up with Coursera to supply two certificate programs: Google IT Automation with Python, Google IT Support

Coursera subscribers also can enroll in several other Google-related courses on the platform.

2. Pitney Bowes

A mailing services and equipment supplier, Pitney Bowes falls just in need of being within the Fortune 500 and employs quite 14,000 people worldwide. to coach its workforce (especially its distributed engineering team); it’s made use of Udemy for Business.

Every employee has full lifetime access to the highest Udemy courses, including those associated with their technical roles and practices related to personal and professional development. They will quickly take quizzes after completing the procedures to check their newly acquired skills.

The bug of eLearning spreads like wildfire in Pitney Bowes, with 84% of the workers now resorting to eLearning to upgrade their skills.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is that the leader in inbound marketing education and tools. They’ve strategically positioned their brand because the go-to place for all things inbound marketing related. As such, they’ve created the HubSpot Academy. Interested marketers can check in to participate during many free courses on topics starting from sales to web design.

HubSpot Academy has given a chance to the student for making certificates. These certifications became a data and knowledge logo, positioning those who’ve earned them as stellar employee candidates at companies using the HubSpot platform.

4. Goldman Sachs

To expand their market, Goldman Sachs involved their 10,000 Women program to Coursera.

The 10,000 Women program provides business and management education to females in 100 countries worldwide and is now available worldwide.

Students can study entrepreneurship fundamentals like negotiation strategies, finance, and customer management all online. And once they take the subsequent step and launch their entrepreneurial endeavors, they’ll have Goldman Sachs in mind when trying to find financing.

5. Shell

Shell is an oil and Jovian company with 92,000 employees spread across 70 countries and has developed its online eLearning platform called the Shell Open University. Every employee has full access to the platform’s training materials, including video lectures, e-books, webcasts, and technical guides.

Employees can study the technical also as commercial subjects, evaluating their capabilities as they complete the programs. Shell also reimburses any overtime or money spent in L&D, which isn’t catered to sufficiently by their corporate curriculum.

It has helped Shell improve the performance of its employees from all around the world.

6. Blue Bottle Coffee

The speciality coffee industry is deceptively complex. Few customers genuinely understand how intricate the method from seed to cup is.

Blue Bottle Coffee saw a chance to teach customers about their favorite morning beverage and created a web course on SkillShare. From discovering more about the farms and importing to learning how to brew a cup of coffee expertly, students walk off wowed by all they’ve learned.

And, content marketing expert, Ann Handley, liked the course so much that that’s why he bought a coffee subscription after completing the classes.

7. Toyota

Toyota is yet one more major company with 51 manufacturing facilities in 28 countries that employ 340,000 employees. Learning and developing those employees developed its own Learning Management System (LMS), which upgraded its latest version in 2013.

This platform trained up to 18,000 engineers and motor technicians by providing over 150 classes for its certified technical staff. With the newest version of its LMS, it’s removed the necessity for re-certification by implementing continuous training. It also features a library of non-technical learning materials for its shops and distributors.

Combining information with actionable skills may be an excellent way to empower your potential customers to travel out and put their newfound knowledge into action. Do you think eLearning would be the best lead generation opportunity for your business? Then Launch your online course or educational resources for your business success.



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