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7 Booming Healthcare Apps of Bangladesh!

7 Booming Healthcare Apps of Bangladesh!

It is the middle of the night, you have started getting a throbbing pain in your chest! Who would you seek emergency assistance from? Where would you get prompt medication suggestions? Most importantly, how would you fix appointment with a doctor at such an odd hour!

The emergency units in hospitals exist, so do our transports but what has actually amended the hassle of this lengthy procedure to see a doctor is the healthcare apps! From scheduling reminders to take your medications, tracking your physical activity to suggest expected improvements of your health; to video-chatting with a doctor to address a pressing medical concern; there’s an app for each with specialized features.

Health care service is not confined to a doctor’s chamber anymore as the mobile apps has put a motion to it now. Although Bangladesh is still adopting the culture, citizens are already pretty impressed by some of the services they have experienced. The Bangladesh government has launched free apps and it has gone to remote areas as well. There is a high hope!

Not all of these apps will take off, but some of them are surely in the race of being the next Uber of healthcare. Every day, it seems like a new app debuts that promises to make health care services easier to get – make it more efficient and time-friendly. But do they live up to their promises?

Find the 7 top picks for the medical and personal health care apps that are really worth your time and space on your mobile!

Praava Health
Their app claims to be the one-stop-shop for your health, offering caring doctors, world-class diagnostics and much more. Booking prompt appointments – tracking medical records and paying through a secured platform is their main focus of service. Praava Health will be the best pick where your family’s healthcare is the concern.

Maya – Your digital health assistant
Maya has started it’s free service from 2015 and has provided upto 10 lakhs healthcare solutions to questions asked by mass people. Strictly following the confidentiality of every consumer’s information, they have an interactive interface that will ensure a smooth user experience. They have a search option to solve your real-time queries and will prescribe you medicine immediately. The special feature will help you to track your period and pregnancy. This app is an all in one!

This app ensures a high quality digital assistance where you barely have to compromise your penny! Tonic is the current buzz in the modern healthcare service in Bangladesh with 100k+ downloads till now. They offer live doctors which is exclusive compared to others, their packages are pocket-friendly and alliance with top hospital and doctors ensures the best quality.

Digital Hospital
Digital Hospital, an online medical service that offers on-demand doctor visits via their application software. The app is designed to provide users immediate access to consolidated healthcare records from participating providers, facilitating better communication between patients and their different doctors.

Doctor Dekhao
You surely need to prepare & maintain an electronic health record to track your physical and mental well-being in such busy schedules. Now you can save all of your health-related data on one platform, Doctor Dekhao. So, you are relieved from the tension of losing any report or prescription! This comes with auto-synced e-prescriptions with medicine reminders, so that you do not miss a single dose! Need a complete healthcare solution? Download the app now.

Whether for a first visit or a follow-up, schedule your video consultation today with the Sebaghar team of highly trained doctors of significant repute. If you are a remote area patient and seek help immediately, this is where Sebaghar can assist you with their online doctors and telemedicine services.

Patient Aid
A full fledged medicine app in Bangla is at your fingertips. Patient Aid is backed with the most trusted, accurate, and up-to-date medicine & healthcare data source for the patients and those who seek help. Anyone can operate the app and get medicine details, medicine reminder, cost calculator to compare prices of different brands, Doctor select and place an appointment. A smart access to healthcare is just knocking your door!

If you are likely to have a personalized and prompt healthcare service digitally for you and your family, you’d better turn your eye on these booming apps of Bangladesh starting a new era of ehealth. Arogga, Daktar Bondhu, Daktar Bhai DocTime and the list of mobile applications, pouring their heart and soul together to make medical service more easy to access, goes on. These apps will bring a reduction in your costs and add efficiency.
Your health is now in your hand! 

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